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How to time having people read your PS


How to time having people read your PS
« on: November 11, 2004, 09:05:20 AM »
A question for those who are a bit farther along in the PS process than I am:  if you sent your PS out to multiple readers, how did you time things?  I'm hoping to be done with a draft of my first PS within the next day or so, and I'd like to eventually have it read by my pre-law advisor, friends, writing advisor, etc., and possibly by a paid service.  I'm hoping to get my apps sent as soon as possible, so I'm tempted to just send it to everyone at once so I can take their corrections into account and still get this thing out in a week or so.  At the same time, if reader X helps me change my topic completely, then reader Y gets back to me a day later with comments on the original topic, reader Y's comments won't be that helpful.  I can resend to my friends, but the pre-law advisor is busy and the paid services cost more money to read more did you all deal with this?  Maybe the answer to my question is, "by doing my personal statement in July, lazy-ass."  Still, any tips, even from the super-organized, would be much appreciated.  ;)