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HELP! deposit due tuesday...


HELP! deposit due tuesday...
« on: April 10, 2003, 07:54:41 AM »
I need advice! My stats are 3.58 UGPA, 161 LSAT:
IN: Penn State Dickinson (full scholarship), Villanova, Northeastern, FSU, UCONN night division
OUT: Notre Dame, George Mason
WaitList: UCONN day division

I need help deciding between accepting a full scholarship to Penn State Dickinson (Tier 3) or accepting at UCONN, we're it's 50/50 that I might get into the day school for 1L, otherwise I'll have to go nights for one year, take the June semester, and then enter 2L as a Day student. Is it worth it to take on the debt to go to a top 50 school? Or should I be grateful for the scholarship, especially since I don't have any desire to go BigLaw or anything. Help, I've heard so much mixed advice.  Also, I would love to go to Northeastern, but have heard nothing as far as financial aid, anyone else hear anything?

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