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Affordable Schools in the US


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Affordable Schools in the US
« on: October 11, 2004, 03:14:07 PM »
For us Canadians, US schools seem outrageously expensive. Finances are an issue for me. My parents will be contributing ZERO to my law degree. My girlfriends parents would likely pay for it if I proposed...but well, I could sell organs too for that matter.

I want to study in the states quite badly. I've been taking a close look at Ottawa's joint program with American University in Washington which is cheap because you pay UoO's fees. However, it sucks because it takes an extra year. So, basically I'm looking for US schools to apply to that aren't uber expensive (ie less than 20k US TOPS, preferably half that). I guess some info about me would be helpful here...

My GPA is around 3.3 on the 4 scale. I will graduate with a 3 year BA (does that exclude me from studying in the states?) from York. Wrote the LSATs in October, never got below 170 on a practice exam but these went really bad (165ish probably). I have excellent volunteer experience, almost entirely in politics.

Do I have any options here?

Re: Affordable Schools in the US
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2004, 06:35:41 PM »
I say get US News and start applying to the US, especially if you want to work there.  The only competitive schools for US jobs really are #1 UofT and #2 Osgoode.  UofT is out due to the GPA, and Osgoode is a 'maybe' only if you get 170+ because of their heavy GPA weighting.  You are considerably more likely in UWO and Queen's if you want to stay in Ontario.  You should be fine for Ottawa dual program, but remember, GPA and LSAT isn't a guarantee of admission with them, although it is considerably safer than Windsor - if you score a high LSAT you should be fine.

In the US, however, especially if you score a 170ish LSAT, you really do have more of a chance to:

a) get into really quite good schools (and if you want to go to the US, the best thing to do is to get their degree)
b) get scholarship money to augment $$$ (remember, most Canadian schools look at the GPA only when giving away scholarships whereas that's not the case with US schools)