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My financial Aid Package. Is this the norm??

Re: My financial Aid Package. Is this the norm??
« Reply #10 on: July 11, 2008, 07:28:19 PM »
JCDenton is only telling you the truth.  NYLS is the 3rd most expensive law school in the country.  Its NOT worth it.  You're already qualifying for a Perkins loan and then you pick this expensive waste?  The curve at NYLS is a B-, 50% must get above and 50% must get below.  Which means not only do you not have a great law school name on your resume, you'll probably have a pretty sh*tty GPA and class rank to match. 

Then when you do graduate, you'll be UNEMPLOYED!!  Those statistics they show for students with 'full-time employment' aren't really what they seem.  NYLS will count waitressing full-time in those statistics. 

But since your mind is already made up, go ahead.  With a grading curve like that, those 5 people in your class of 300 who make BigLaw will need all the help they can get in maintaining their own rankings.