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H I L I A R Y .....will ruin elections for DEMOCRATS...BE WARNED

! B L U E WAR R I O R..!

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    • View Profile warned democrats...unless the democratic party has insiders formally meet with hiliary clinton...and suggest that she bow out of the clearly obama will be the winner...

an open ended concern with question will fester until pennsylvania votes...after that vote she must concede.

if she does not concede immediately BE WARNED...

the general election will be delivered to the republicans...

it will be like 1968...the democratic primaries should determine the winner of the democratic nomination—the clinton campaign is manipulating with furtive intent, different however than the "mcgovern commission" but similarly like 1968...where questions have lasted throughout every subsequent nomination contest, in this 2008 case...since iowa.

...angered democrats and independents alike will simply switch and vote for mccain...

...hiliary will NOT you have been warned!

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