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Filling out the FAFSA if you've been accepted to both PT and FT programs

Hi everyone,

I apologize in advance if this question was already asked/answered, but I did a quick scan of the FinAid threads and couldn't find anything.

There's a question on the FAFSA that asks something like, will you be going "Full-Time", "Part-Time", or "I Don't Know". I was accepted to GULC's PT program, but all of my other schools are FT.

I wasn't sure if I needed to submit a separate FAFSA just for GULC b/c of my part-time status there. So, I called their FinAid office this morning, and the lady I spoke with said it didn't matter, but she also gave me a ton of attitude (she actually said to me at one point, "part-time students are not full-time students" *&^%? i really had no idea. i mean, really now.), so I was wondering if anyone can confirm that this is true - that it's OK if I put "Full-Time" and include GULC as one of the 10 schools? I'm just paranoid now. I DO realize that as a PT student, I'm only eligible for loans if I go to GULC (I know that merit- and need-based grants are ONLY for FT students), but I don't want to accidentally jeopardize loan eligibility or anything like that by doing something wrong on the FAFSA.