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I really enjoy House Hunters. 

It's a good substitute for Golden Girls on nights Lifetime thinks I actually want to watch Rita Rocks. 

I just deleted a ton of old PMs.

I had stuff going back to the Veg/Scott drama.  

Those were the days...

I love 90210 episodes featuring David's "music."

That's an excellent renaming.

I'm watching Clueless for the second time today.

At least I had more reason to assume hair guy was gay than Cher did to assume Christian was straight. 

Maybe I can wear it while trying out my new blood glucose monitor.

"I like that it talks to me!"


I'm torn between just being a slut, since I don't actually want to go through having actual feelings for someone ever again, and crushing on those who are safely unattainable while remaining (outwardly) celibate. 

Ooh, Snuggie commercial...

The guy who cuts my hair who I was mildly in love with is straight.*

Dream's follow-up single was better than the one stuck in Cady's head.

I am sorry Miss P isn't feeling well, but think she would still make a great flight attendant.

*Story of my life.   

So we need several buckets of fried chicken and an electric razor...

Done and done!

Did I miss something, or was there no elaboration on the immediate family outing?

Do they look like you?


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