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Law School Admissions / Re: Double Major
« on: July 18, 2008, 05:20:37 PM »
It's another soft factor.  I also have a BA (history) and a BS (chemistry).  You will find that many people in law school have double majors, duel degrees or even graduate degrees.  It's impressive to people outside academia, but in law school it isn't abnormal.

Quote from: PSU ftw
Seriously though. Dickinson should be bottom rung safety. I really don't think of it as Penn State. Hell, it doesn't even have in-state/out-of-state tuition. It costs as much as some T14 schools but without the prestige. Unless you love it, I wouldn't recommend it. (begin nasty countercomments here)

Somehow I think those of us who attended law school at PSU-Dickinson, and paid more in tuition in 3 years than you will pay in 4, think of ourselves as Penn State.  But, hey what the hell do I know.  My diploma only has The Pennsylvania State University on it. 

Also, the new building looks great.  World reknown firm designed, green facility.  Looks better than half the drab buildings at university park already and it isn't even completed.

Current Law Students / Re: How much do federal clerkships pay?
« on: June 18, 2008, 11:36:35 AM »
most clerks coming right from law school are JS-11.  Usually between 54 and 60K depending on locality pay increases.

Disregard my earlier advice. That sounds right. I do think you can get 70k or more if you have a year or two at a firm first.

Yes you can.  The difference is that they are practicing attorney's who are licensed.  I believe they can come is as JS-12 or 13 depending on experience. 

The only reason anyone is a JS-9 is when your judge says you don't meet the special circumstances to be bumped to JS-11, namely, not in the Top 20% of class, no law review or anything honors oriented.  Naturally, the vast majority of federal law clerks easily meet the standard, but I presume there must be occasions where they do not since JS-9 is possible.

Current Law Students / Re: How much do federal clerkships pay?
« on: June 18, 2008, 09:09:35 AM »
Most clerks coming right from law school are JS-11.  Usually between 54 and 60K depending on locality pay increases.  However, a rare exception, you are a JS-9, which means reduced pay.  The JS scale is essentially the GS scale.     

I'm taking Virginia. 

I find the barbri materials to be ok.  The problem I have is there is very little guidance on what you need to study.  I go to lecture, get 60 plus pages of notes for a subject, then I am told to weed out the "unnecessary" items.  These will be my lovely study notes.  Really?  How much should I take out?  Is 15 pages of outline too little or too much for the 80 pages of handout notes from class?  It is aggravating considering the amount of money we paid for this course.  But, if I pass, I am sure I will sing their praises.  Right now, I am just in bitching mode.

Barbri sucks!  I think I have 5 weeks left, then 2 weeks of study.  I hate every moment of it.  3 to 4 hours everday in lecture, and then 5 to 7 after that doing notes and practice problems.  Not to mention the 7 hours I have spent this weekend going over my overly long notes.  This sucks!  I can't imagine trying to work at the same time.

I'm loose. I just like thinking. What, is there something WRONG with that?

I recall my young days in junior high of asking how to get a date. "You THINK too much" said the ugly girls who wanted me to ask them out. "You need a nicer shirt" said the helpful girls. "Kiss me again" said the hotties. Not many hotties on this thread so far ...

You do think too much.  That will kill you in law school, no offense.  The people who forget the forest because they are too busy seeing the trees tend to get eaten alive.  Just my experience.  As I stated, on page 1 of this ever growing post, do what you want!  Do what works for you and pay attention to no one else.  If working 3 hours a day gets you As and Bs, and you are happy -- GREAT!  Do just that.  Ignore all your classmates who proclaim they study 10 to 12 hours a day.  They are usually the ones who do not get it.   Best of luck to you!

Where in the world did you hear that?  I have never heard about a national trend of judges not hiring form interns as full-time clerks.  The judges in the courthouse I worked in frequently did so.

From the very federal judge I work for...It is very common on the district court level, at least in the PA districts, to not hire former interns.

Hey all - thanks for opinions!  It's obviously a moot point, but just wanted to update:

I took the federal externship - working there rocks!

I declined the part-time big business offer after interviewing - all was well.

I cancelled the other interview, b/c I had actually applied to the firm after getting a notice about it from the PRE-LAW list-serv I'm on, and I heard from a friend who knows someone who works there that they generally hire undergrads, so it probably wouldn't be relevant legal work, but more menial stuff.

That is great!  You will enjoy it.  But, just so you know because I am not sure if  you knew at the time, you will pretty much be barred from applying for a federal clerkship with your judge.  Most judges will not hire their former interns as clerks.  Something to keep in mind.

Current Law Students / Re: Questions about questionable credit...
« on: June 04, 2008, 12:27:43 PM »
It can hurt you in Virginia where you will have to send a copy of your credit report as part of the Character and Fitness report.  From my understanding at least in Virginia, it may not prevent you from sitting for the bar assuming you can answer their questions.  A friend of mine is taking the Mass. Bar, and she did not have to send a credit report.  So, I am not sure if they check.  Your best bet is to just contact the Mass bar examiners or contact your law school (if you are already accepted). 

The reason some firms and bar examiners care about credit is that in can reflect on your ability to manage funds and give sound advice on these issues.  How can you be expected to manage client funds when you cannot even manage your own?  Also, poor credit can also indicate that you may be willing to make ethical lapses when it comes to managing funds, since you may be desperate for the money. 

My advice is to get your credit in order over the next three years and make sure you keep yourself on the straight and narrow.

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