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I've seen pictures of Rehoboth Beach and it really does look nice.  Atlantic City looks like a fun place too, and don't they have some new casino now called the "Borgata", or something like that?

How far is Widener from the beach?  It didn't seem too far on Mapquest, but I can't exactly see the quality of that shoreline from an online map. 

So, Phanatic, are you defiantly going to Widener?  What kind of law do you think you want to practice?

Alright, alright...    :) 

I have the option of attending one of two schools here in Oregon, or one other which is located elsewhere in the upper-west, or I could attend Widener.  I wanted to know if it was worth it, and if I ask too many questions for you then you could always just ignore this thread and not read it anymore.  There are people who are still responding with info though, so it seems that there is still information coming forward about the school.  It is not as if I'm bumping the thread up and nobody is chiming in. 

Anyhow, I noticed that YankyKitten deleted her account.  YK, if you're still reading this, thanks for all of the info, and good luck with law school. 

And I'm rooting for the Phillies along with you guys.  You too Phanatic.

Actually, it could always go farther, and I'm still open to hearing more from current Widener-Law students.  They have a good take on how things really are beyond anything that we read on USNews or hear from friends.

Plus, I like to see discussion topics like this as an opportunity to help other people who are in my same situation.  Next year there might be a potential Widener-Law student who will really appreciate all of the info we've archived here for them, and we've even managed to keep it somewhat on track.

I am a little annoyed by your insults though, but I guess that you don't view something like this with the same measure of perspective that I am.  That's fine.  I'll continue to pride myself on getting as many facts together as possible before making a decision, and you'll continue to pride yourself on teasing people who ask straightforward questions on a public forum.  I guess that I'm basically calling you a jerk, but doing so with a smile.   :D :) ;)

WTF am I?  I attend the Law Center as well.

You have to admit, those two really did answer all of Hurley's questions very well.  You said great things about Widener, but not with the insight of a current law student.  I think that's what he was really looking for, so don't take it personally.

Yeah, YK, twarga is right about the two current law students, but that doesn't mean that you weren't ultra helpful also.  Everybody has been great with the info, and I appreciate it. 

I'm not too sure about what I think about the T. Owens issue, but perhaps you guys could help to convince me of any reason why the Eagles should keep him.  :)

I agree.  I am especially interested in what tarheel said about taking the bar in NC and working there afterward.  I'm curious about what is needed to do something like that.


I only started to read your reply, but so far it looks great. Could you edit the placement of the quote tags in brackets so that your entire response is not embedded in small type? 

Thanks.  And, is your userID "tarheel" because you went to UNC?

EDIT:  I read the rest of your response and saw that you did go to UNC.  Thanks.

It seems that the area is nice, at least from what a couple of you have said.  I've also heard from a friend of mine that the Brandywine Valley is very beautiful. 

I've read the website several times, as well as the catalog, so I am familiar with what Widener offers for certificates and specializations.  I was only asking here because some attended the day fair at Widener last week.  Sometimes you can get more up to date info from these events, as well as get a better picture of what programs the school puts most of its effort into.

I'd like to know about the Brandywine area as a long-term place to live after graduation from Widener.  Is it in close proximity to places where a lawyer could make a good living?  What are the best schools to send children to, and are there any that are really reputable? 

Any help on this would be appreciated.  Thanks everyone for your insights thus far.  It has been really helpful.


Clinics?  That sounds cool!  What kinds do they have?

Also, I'm curious about what they said about their corporate law programs. 

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