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The only issue I have is which school would afford me a better chance at practice in South Florida at a large-to medium size firm. Tuition cost is not an issue, nor is which place I live in during law school (since I would not remain in either locale) I am from Pa, and intend to relocate to South Florida after school where my family now resides.
Would the higher rank of Wake Forest be more impressive to employers, or would it be a better bet to remain in Fla? (The only other school I am considering is Ohio State, but I am assuming its Midwest locale is a negative despite the schools fine reputation)
 Any insights would be appreciated.

Job Search / Which law school for Florida Job- FSU vs. Wake Forest
« on: June 19, 2014, 12:17:07 PM »
I need to decide between FSU and Wake. I would like to work at a large/medium size firm in Florida, preferably Miami.
 Am I better off going to FSU (because of its Florida presence) or Wake Forest, Wake being higher in the rankings and certainly a more difficult school to get into.( The only other school I was accepted to that I would consider is Ohio State)  Tuition cost is not an issue.

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