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haha i know but julie funny

good! busy...spring break and all means i get to go to work and veg at night.

AY paps in the pen :( already the year is starting eh and they took extra innings away from us cable subscribers...bastards....gre edy bastards

awww :(

that's awful...i get on 275 south at gandy between 4:30 and 5:15 and i rarely go less than 70mph...guess it is the heading south part? i cant imagine what it is like north of the bridge

my sister just moved from palm harbor, she hated it, but she lived on 19 so...that's a tough area to live in.  i'm in the PT program and we have people who live across the street from school, Brandon, Carrollwood, Sarasota and even some crazy dude who drives in from Naples.  if i were a FT student i'd stick with st pete and pinellas in general...i cruise down 275 at 5pm on my way to class (I get on around gandy, after the bridge).  there are some decent apartment complexes in gateway area if someone wants to live about 20 minutes from school. 

well, i do tend to go to pubs in tampa after class but they are only 15 minutes away from me in Brandon.   Mojitos is an awesome restaurant in the Winthrop center and they have a cute farmer's market every saturday as well as other festival type events.  i guess having "stuff to do" means what? drink, bars clubs? in that case i am all set. anyway, brandon is definitely not dangerous it is a nice alternative to living near Tampa.  i'd much rather live out here than north of Tampa.  if anyone has any questions @ stetson feel free to PM. 

sigh hawai'i

I'm wondering when is the last time you have been to Brandon?  I live on the Riverview/Brandon line.  My place is nice and quiet ($875 month standard nice/modern gated apt complex...large one bedroom with attached garage) and I can get to downtown in less than 15 minutes via the xtown or the xtown express lanes.  the express lanes are awesome.  there are many new developments including one a mile from me with the most adorable little town centre (and an awesome aveda salon and spa - a gorgeous couple from Miami moved here to open it.. their sister salon in miami is apparently v successful)...the Brandon mall (which i generally hate) is undergoing a revitalization and just opened a Sephora (love).  anyway...Brandon is NOT a bad alternative. 

i thought about moving to s tampa/hyde park area but the traffic around there is incredible as well as the housing prices are obviously, very expensive. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: PT applicants, let's hear it!
« on: January 17, 2007, 12:53:18 PM »
I've applied to PT to schools I will have a hard time getting into (Fordham, Brooklyn, some others)... not because I intend to work a day job, just because I hope it will help me getting in.

PTers at my schhol hate ppl like you  :D....we all (people who work)show up to class bone tired and dressed from the office...while they show up in flip flops and shorts fresh off a visit to the pool.  i will say, doesn't seem to have made a difference in grades this semester! either way good luck to you all..i love going PT. 

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Live Feed from Africa
« on: January 17, 2007, 12:47:57 PM »
i love this...the other night (well, their night time) i saw 4 or 5 lions (females i think because they all looked the same) lounging. it was awesome...they were washing each other up, rubbing heads....rolling on their backs legs in the funny and cute. 

"Quote from: maka nani on January 15, 2007, 08:33:56 PM
it is Troy Brown


hahahaa, whoops!  I just noticed I've been writing Tony all thread long.  Sorry, maka!  You're right."

 :D :D i just had to say something!

Hi PW!

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