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Just suggesting that if you don't get into any of the other schools to which you apply, I would re-apply. Because it is unlikely that Liberty will be ABA approved anytime soon unless their Admissions policies and discriminatory practices (according to the ABA) drastically change.

Ok do you have first hand knowledge of the Liberty campus.... I would assume the answer is no.

If you did you would know Liberty is not discriminatory concerning their admissions policy.  What you ASSUME is a stereotype about Liberty that is incorrect.  There are students of all races and nationalities on campus.  There are openly homosexual students on campus, there are non christian's campus (Muslim, Orthodox Jews, Atheists ect...) there are even outspoken democrats, independents, libertarians on our campus.  Not every student is cut in the image of Jerry Falwell.  However LU does have rules in which everyone has to abide but EVERYONE has to abide by them not just a select few.  If you do not like the rules then it’s your choice on whether or not to attend.

Liberty University is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Liberty Law will also be accredited as the ABA does not provisionally accredit an institution that does not meet its accreditation criteria, including but not limited to the section you posted above.  The reason it is provisionally accredited is because the ABA wants to see the quality of graduates and how they fare on the BAR exam. 

I believe you have a misconception of what Liberty University is.  It is no different than any other religious university such as BYU or Notre Dame.  I realize the reputation is different because of our former chancellor however the admissions process is the same.

Thanks for the advice Tillio, How many schools do you think I should be applying to, 12 to 15 instead of my eight? 

The reason why G-Town and GW is not on my list is because it is no expensive to live in the DC area.  My husband will be moving with me wherever I chose to go so we will have off campus housing.  He will be working so there has to be a fair job market for him in the area where I go so that is why Washington and Lee is not on here, Lexington has virtually no job market. 

I'm sorry I should have included that info in my previous post.  I could consider northeastern or midwestern schools but the same job market/cost of living factor still applies.  Cornell is even a stretch with the job market part of it.

Oh and as to Liberty Law, I would only go there if I didn't get accepted anywhere else, plus my husband could work there and then I could go to school for free.  That's the only reason it made it on the "shoot me in the head if I don't make it" list. 

Thanks again for the words of wisdom!!

Thank you grammar Nazi. 

In all of the other post I read people are nice and helpful so I'm not sure why I am being picked apart. 

Yes they have a law school, It has been in existance for 3 years.  The first class just graduated and they had a 84% pass rate on the VA state BAR.  They will definately be ABA approved.

• Liberty University: 87 percent pass rate among 50 students.
• Appalachian School of Law: 71 percent pass rate among 24
• George Mason University School of Law: 77 percent pass rate among 153 students.
• Regent University School of Law: 68 percent pass rate among 80 students.
• University of Richmond School of Law: 85 percent pass rate among 138 students.
• University of Virginia School of Law: 91 percent pass rate among 105 students.
• Washington and Lee University School of Law: 93 percent pass rate among 45 students.
• William and Mary Law School: 89 percent pass rate among 96 students.

I would also ask that you respond to my question instead of making condescending comments about my alma mater.  Thanks

Choosing the Right Law School / I need help with my list 4.0 GPA 166 LSAT
« on: November 02, 2007, 11:05:26 AM »
Ok, Here is my story.

I was home schooled my whole life and "self taught" home schooled from 7th grade through high school.  I graduated high school with a 4.0 at age 16.

I graduated with a 4.0 UGPA at Liberty University majoring in business.  I graduated in three years.

My Practice LSAT's have been 165-167.  I will take the December test.

I have worked with the following charities
Orphan Helpers - I took three trips to El Salvador to help orphans
Tutored at an elementary school for 3 year during college
Currently I am on the committee for the American Cancer Society Annual Golf Tournament
I am volunteer at Stand Up For Kids - Works with homeless and street children

I am a married white female no kids.

Here is my list...

1. UVA
2. Penn
3. Duke

1. Vanderbilt
2. Cornell
3. UNC

1. U of Tennessee
2. U of Kentucky

Shoot me in the head if they don't take me
1. Liberty University (New law school, has provisional approval from ABA) The deadline for LU is 6/1 so for some God-awful reason I get rejected from everywhere else I can fall back on my alma mater.

Now, This is my question am I shooting to low or to high?  Am I about right?  There is a reason there are no Northeastern schools (except Cornell and Penn) and no mid-west or west coast schools.  I would like to stay primarily in the southeast.  Also a secondary question, should I put UVA in my realistic schools because I am a VA resident? (70% of the incoming class is reserved for VA residents) 

Please let me know!!!!!!

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