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I recently find a female friend of mine attrative, but her lsat score is 2 points higher than mine. What should I do? should I ask her out?  Is it prestigious to date a smarter girl?

Edit:  she got 174; me 172.

"Is it smart to date a girl who got a higher LSAT than me did?  I recently find a female friend of mine attrativeMe got 172."


I love Cooley... they rank Brooklyn above Duke and almost equal to Stamford. I can feel my inferiority complex melting away. I can't wait to tell the kids on autoadmit...

Almost equal to Stamford?  Say it ain't so!  How does it compare relative to Halvord, Enwyewe, Kalombiya and Burkaly?


Wow, UG & Grad school & I still can't type or spell musculature..... :-[ :-[

...not to mention "innocuous" and "excel"...


The gas mileage.  I heard they were supposed to get 75 MPG, but I only get about 45 from mine.  I guess I should've bought a moped.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: University of Idaho College of Law 2011
« on: June 06, 2008, 04:12:53 PM »
not in a million years...iceman wouldn't be caught dead there.

"YOU!  You are still dangerous...but you can ride my tail anytime."
"bull...You can ride MINE."

Law School Admissions / Re: Best type of sandwich?
« on: June 05, 2008, 05:02:47 PM »

"Give me a Sandwich and a feminine hygiene product, and there is nothing I cannot do."

If it helps to have another data point, I chose a school (similar ranking to Hastings) w/full scholarship over USC w/no $$.  Without hesitation.

I got accepted to Cal. Western and Thomas Jefferson, and on the waitlist of Univ. of San Diego (OMG, Plz love me, USD.....). I need to stay in San Diego due to family.
Therefore, I need to decide between these two now in case USD does not accept me.
BS/MS with Engineering, will work on IP.

Even though both are 4th tier, which one is better?
I got accepted as full time, but I open my option to go to part time.
Cal.Western has day time part time, Thomas Jefferson has night time part time program.
Cal.Western has program to graduate within 2 years (they have trimester)if I go to full time.
Thomas Jefferson seems somewhat better in bar passage rate and IP program.

I cannot make my mind where to go(actually, I don't like either of these, though).

Any ideas or information about these two schools are welcomed!

Thank you very much for all of responses!!!

to mooms: I applied very early in November.
Got accepted to TJSL in January.
Got a response that I am on waitlist from USD at the end of April.
Got accepted to CWSL at the end of April.
(b/c of 1 missing document at CWSL, it took forever to complete the application.
I didn't know that it was missing; i think my application was completed at mid April, OMG, 5 & half months after sending application)

BTW, how much would be my chance to go off the waitlist on USD?
Is there anybody who got accepted there from the waitlist?


I had a 148 as my first practice LSAT, but I was stupid enough to take the REAL LSAT "just to see what I'd get on it" - not realizing the significance.

Danny Noonan: "Where'd it go?"
Ty Webb: "Right in the lumber yard"

My sensei and I were discussing law school admissions, and him being a sensei from Kiyosu Japan, and I a young chap from Whales, we don't know much about the admissions process.... We were wondering, do law schools care how long it takes you to graduate, ie taking 4 classes over 5 years each semester vs. taking 5 classes over 4 years each semester... Anybody know?

In your case, it won't be a problem...just mention in your PS that you're "from Whales" and you'll be in like Flynn.  No one can beat that type of diversity!!!  :P

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