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1. My gf is physically ok now, but emotional a mess
   a. She had ~40 bee stings though
   b. Apparently, we ran over a nest and she stayed with me until the paramedics told her about the bees
   c. She didn't even feel the stings
   e. She's now on the other side of the world
2. Apparently I was a jerk during the first week
   a. I'd ask her "what where you doing? Trying to kill me?"
   b. I suppose it'd be pretty scary seeing me too
   c. I couldn't swollow for 3 days and had a ~4" cut from below my left eye up over its eyebrow
   d. Plus other cuts on my legs and back
   e. I didn't even recognize my mother
   f. I spoke incoherently and kept pulling out the IVs and trying to escape
3. So emotionally she's a wreck
4. She did take good care of me, along with my family, for the first month, till she had to leave

1. Yes, I'll be ok
   a. I can walk - even jog now
   b. I can't drive, bicycle, smell, or handle much noise
   c. My balance has improved so I only get dizzy if I stand quickly
2. Ouch, Skeeball
   a. A helmet would've helped, but I normally don't wear one in a car
   b. At least I wore a seatbelt; it probably saved my life.
3. I don't even remember the crash or the following week.
   a. Not all bad, the driver still feels scared to drive.
   b. Of course, the doctors still forbid me to drive and it's been 6 weeks.
4. I doubt I'll end up homeless, but you never know with this economy.
5. Thanks everybody, I do feel better every week.

Actually, I had already been an attorney for 10 months. My gf lost control at 75mph and drove us through a forest...darn trees and ditches really do a number on a car and its passengers...

Well thanks, Rev, I am actually. I can walk, remember, and eat again. I still can't smell, work, drive or bicycle. The worst part is that my ears & inner ear are messed up. I can't concentrate well with distracting sounds and my ears are very sensitive to sounds. (15 min at a hardware store and my ears rang for hours and I slept for 2). But, well, life goes on. At least I have good health insurance.  :P

Oh I know.  I can't wait for the 4 years of terror to finally end.
First it was LSAT terror
then application terror
then first year terror
then second year summer job terror
and now it's, oh my god I have $100,000 in loans and I need to be employed and asap terror.

man, who needs a drink?

Holy freaking hell, I signed up for this damn site 4 years ago,

If I only knew...

hi!  we're nearly done!

Life goes on, you pass the BAR - get a good job.

and then suffer a brain injury...yep, fractured skull. At least the tests showed I in the top 5% smartest people - before the injury...doh

1. Anybody here ever had a traumatic brain injury?
2. Not fun
3. At least the firm is holding a job for me
4. btw, Court is still around - if you know where to look

Hey if they want to call it a Doctorate, I'm all for it... ;)

Still Harvard (who first began awarding JDs) calls it a Juris Doctor.

Current Law Students / Re: unauthorized pratice of law
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:20:56 PM »
Yes, but be very very careful what you do.

9 months as an attorney. Yes I'm glad I went.

If I recall correctly, my appellate brief in ls was one space - something about saving paper. I'm actually defending a real appeal now, so I'll let you know what that court requires. I do know that the appellate court requires 3-4 copies of everything so the saving paper reasoning makes sense.

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