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Politics and Law-Related News / Health Care
« on: August 19, 2009, 06:52:33 PM »
This is a huge topic and one that has seized the news.

1.  First, is it a right or privilege or something else? Some believe a right - like trial by jury. Some believe a privilege that we must earn - like a gold watch. The problem is that it costs more than a gold watch and is more necessary to survival than a jury trial. Sub-questions galore - smokers, obese, poor, elderly, exercise, nutrition...

2. Why does it cost so much? For crying out loud, in this day and age computers keep improving and costing less. Why not an MRI? It seems competition does not affect health care very much.

3. So if it continues to cost more, does it improve lifetimes or quality? Honestly, I don't know.

4. Health Insurance continues to cost more. I presume because Health Care continues to cost more.

Insurance has been around for thousands of years (shipping) - usually to protect investments against disaster or theft. The idea being that the insurer made a profit by selling insurance to many people in return for accepting the risk of disaster or theft. It made a profit if few disasters and thefts occurred. The insured benefited because if disaster or theft occurred, it recouped its loses from the insurer. It worked because the insurer knew the risk of disaster or theft and could then calculate how much to charge the insured in return for accepting the risk.

The problem with health insurance is that everybody wants it, but nobody wants to lose money selling it. In other words, it does not work for the sick - those who need health care. It'd be like an insurance company selling insurance to somebody for $100 knowing that the person is about to be robbed of $10,000.00.

I can think of two solutions:

A.    Universal Health Care
B.    No medical history information to health insurance companies with prices by age and location alone. Contract length could be determined by the market. Also, health insurance companies must provide insurance for all ages with only Medicare for those over ~65.


Politics and Law-Related News / cellulosic ethanol
« on: January 02, 2008, 09:39:34 AM »
So I spoke with a farmer who informed me that he burns more fuel in his tractors than the ethanol produced by the corn he grows. I looked it up in Wikepedia, and sure enough, we burn 1.2 gallons of fossil fuel to produce 1 gallon of ethanol from corn. Worse, my Dad uses E85 when the price is right, and it reduces his gas mileage by about 20%.

In other words, corn ethanol actually increases our oil dependence. Rich. (the farmers & oil barons, that is).

Cellulosic ethanol, supposedly will work, but we're not there yet.

Incoming 1Ls / Freak, the 1st year attorney taking questions
« on: September 08, 2007, 09:54:28 PM »
I have an hour or so to burn. Anybody have a question?

Politics and Law-Related News / Would Guns have stopped VT?
« on: April 19, 2007, 07:49:16 AM »
It did in 1997 & 2005
It did in 2002
Holocaust survivor did his best
But then again who knows? But you know what the second thing my ex-cop classmate said when he heard of VT? That armed students would've stopped this cold. First, he wanted to know why they hadn't shut-down the school after the first shots.

IMPORTANT NEWS: Changes to the Illinois Essay Exam and Multistate Essay Exam effective with July ’07 bar

There are two major changes that will become effective with the July ’07 administration of the Illinois bar exam:

Illinois Essay Exam (IEE):  The long-standing practice of limiting IEE topics to two Illinois civ pro and one equity is being discontinued, in order to expand the pool of potential topics to include those traditionally limited to the MEE (Multistate Essay) and MBE (multiple-choice) components of the bar.  The new topic pool:

Administrative law                   
Biz-orgs: corporations and ltd. liability companies, agency & partnership
Commercial paper
Crim law and procedure
Family law
Federal and state constitutional law
Federal jurisdiction and procedure     
Federal tax     
Illinois civ. pro.
Personal property, incl. sales and bailments
Real property
Secured transactions
Wills and trusts (incl. future interests)

Multistate Essay Exam (MEE): The traditional pool of MEE topics (which has been much broader than the narrow pool of IEE topics) is being expanded to include six topics previously relegated to the MBE, the multiple-choice portion of the bar.  Below is the complete topic pool, with asterisks next to the newly added MBE topics:

   Commercial transactions:
commercial paper,
secured transactions,

personal property
Family law

federal civ pro,
Illinois civ pro

*Constitutional law
*Crim law and procedure
*Real property

This will potentially result in more cross-testing between different components of the bar exam – e.g., in addition to 34 multiple-choice torts questions, there may also be a torts essay question.
Even though the pool of topics is expanded, there’s no guarantee as to what topics, in fact, will be used.  This is consistent with the continuing trend of bar examiners to make the exam more difficult and raise the standards for passing; the goal is to drive down the passage rate.  Although you will not need to study additional topics, you will need to know how to articulate answers to a broader variety of questions.

Politics and Law-Related News / Should 16-year-olds have the vote?
« on: March 01, 2007, 07:16:37 PM »

BBC News
Calls for the voting age to be lowered to 16 are to be considered by the Electoral Commission.
And John Denham, the home office minister with responsibility for young people, said any recommendation to cut the voting age from 18 would be considered.

The move comes as a government report shows that many 14 to 20-year-olds believe MPs to be out-of-touch.

The report also found that 59% of young people have little interest in politics and that only 31% felt there is a duty to vote.

Should the voting age be lowered? Will it help young people to engage in politics?

Politics and Law-Related News / Freak's response to Blue Warrior
« on: February 01, 2007, 08:43:13 PM »
hope you can digest this oldie but a goodie...aye miss phanatic.   

aye cannot look into a person's heart and judge and say absolutely "this person is a racist"...aye think that there are signs that point to a person's ignorance and then reaching toward to a magna degree one could pass a verdict that yes, indeed one believes that a person like...let's see...hmmm...a character like archie bunker...fictional...but there are people like him in reality...are, all points ashore...a "racist."...

looking into johnson's heart...hmm...maybe he was a racist...however, in 1965...pushing something like food stamps and welfare spending was to help poor, families...and racist or not it did help poorer african american's to keep their heads above it did for other poor the time he left office in 1968 welfare stamp recipients had quadroupled ...not to just point to african american's...but in todays society many people are preoccupied with the label "race"...[(personally aye scoff at the word race) it makes me think of the indy 500]...lbj and his crew wanted votes for democrats, yes...but it began under fdr and thus a welfare state was born...under fdr...johnson pushed food stamps and welfare spending and it geometrically increased after his presidency up to and past the 80' point is order to build a monument...a foundation must be dug and it is tough, hard work, and you get your hands a little dirty with a primitive primary structure...the intentions are good...however as the monument structure gets built the cost and amount of raw materials increase...the cost of labor increases...perhaps a new contractor is brought in and the monument plans shift and one cannot forget the inevitable variable of time.

while a skeleton structure has high hopes...many variables alter its course and the guts and exo-skeleton WILL change along the way...needless to say one needs to begin somewhere...and everyone can second-guess...

hell, originally most african americans were on the side of americans are mostly democrats...

so, the winds of change are always creating earthquakes and sometimes a tidal-wave may occur.

always fun to write this, rip it to shreads...if ya can...because as aye see...most pre-law folk initially, at least seem to make for incapable poets and this will probably be too ambiguous to make heads or tails out of for future j.d.s

my thoughts drift to an other president who will be called by some people in the future kurdistan "the liberator".

I moved this to news because it’s not really appropriate for p-dub.

Well first I must interpret your cryptic post. Please understand I never learned poetry well and avoided the topic despite reading avidly, including some Shakespeare.

Apparently, you believe that Bush is making a valiant attempt at reforming welfare. I must admit that since I began law school I rarely keep abreast of current events, so I go from memory alone here. I recall a lifetime-maximum-number-of-years-on-welfare law, which I believe Bush implemented (maybe just Illinois…). However, I do not know his overall strategy. You also apparently believe that critics unjustly labeled him a racist because of his strategy. I have read no such criticism, but it no doubt exists. You support the unjustness of this label by stating that both LBJ and FDR received no such labels (and you think maybe LBJ was racist) and they both changed welfare. Further, you do not believe enough evidence exists to prove Bush a racist. Finally, you believe that even if the emerging strategy is racist it’s not Bush’s fault because he lacks full control over it and could not predict the future and did not intend a racist program.

Honestly, I do not know Bush’s program; I would rather live on the street than accept anything but loans, so I don’t study welfare reform. Yes, I pay for it, but I care little. However, I do agree that no serious evidence exists justifying a racist label.

Oh and yes I'm an oldie and I appreciate the goodie label ;)

Politics and Law-Related News / 9/11 Thank goodness, nothing happened.
« on: September 12, 2006, 11:18:50 AM »
So they failed, will they try again? Soon?

General Off-Topic Board / 3 things to bring when stranded on an Island
« on: August 18, 2006, 07:07:25 AM »
Here's the deal, if you were stranded on a Island, for life, what would you bring?

You may never leave the general area of the Island. Sure you can have a boat, but you can go no farther than 1 mile. Nothing is provided.

Choose 3 nouns, yes this means people if you wish.

There is no right answer, but there are wrong answers, good answers, and great answers. My brother came up with the best answers I've ever heard, better than mine, in fact. I'm wondering how a group of pre-law geeks will measure up.  :P

One more thing, don't go google this, it'll ruin the fun. Use your own imagination.

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