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Do you guys have any advice regarding researching lit boutiques that pay, say, 100k+? Seems like most of these places aren't listed on NALP and the other usual suspects that list law firms.

OMG I hate studying consitutional law, can't we just skip that on the bar, I mean is it really that important? I don't think so
Always remember... Carolene Products Footnote 4. Smooth sailing from there on out.

Hangover was hilarious! Esp. if you are a white guy.  :D

I wanna join MAS!  I liked The Hangover too!
Haven't you always been a MASer, lovebutton?



What's a themetar day?  ???

We come up with a theme and everyone changes their tars to match the theme. What have we had? Wrestlers? Saved by the Bell? Super Mario? A bunch of other stuff.
Oh! This is a GREAT idea! Let's do it!

What's a themetar day?  ???

"A Maine high school senior says he was denied his diploma because he bowed during graduation and blew a kiss to his mother.

Justin's mother, Mary Denney, said her son's showboating didn't break any rules. She told WMTW-TV "a kiss to your mom is not misbehavior." She is seeking an apology and a diploma for her son.

The commencement at the Cumberland County Civic Center also was disrupted when a giant inflatable rubber duck and beach balls were thrown. One student was ejected."

---- What type of f-ing school is this?

What a bunch of hardasses. I'd have hated to have gone to a school like that.
Holy *&^%. This is a 1st amendment SCOTUS case if I ever heard of one. This is like Bong Hits for Jesus Redux.

I saw the hangover last night, and went on a long bar crawl with pals. Not having a good morning. 'hic'

Woot! Looks like MAS is back. I'm taking at least some of the credit.  ;D

How's everyone's summer going?

I just saw the hangover last night. Great movie!

Buenos Dias everybody!  :)

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