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First off I wouldnít consider a 153 on your first diagnostic a failure. Itís a good starting point.

My first diagnostic was a 152; I wish I could give you some great story about how my score has shot up fifteen points since I started studying for the LSAT but it just hasnít happened yet. I keep grinding out practice tests and my score has finally begun to rise. So in answer to your question I would say it took me about two and a half weeks to see a consistent rise in score from my original diagnostic.


i guess i could always lose a few pounds, but i am at 34" x 32" so i think now it's more of a need to tone up again and stay on a schedule with the gym

That's what I am, jer!  We can go shopping for pants together!

so this is where all the fatties hang out. 

So are you tra from last cycle?  I don't think we were ever properly introduced. 

no, i'm not tra from last cycle you idiot!  what's your story?  and try not to bore me.

I've had a significant other.

i see you've given up on just truthin'


pretty pretty girl

Isn't the first time I've been mistaken for a female.  :D ;)

::projectile vomits uncontrollably, turns pale, cries like baby, prays for first time in years, runs around frantically while ripping off clothes to boil self::

no, i don't even want to think about living remotely close to any of you guys. 

so this is where all the fatties hang out. 

welcome aboard

want some bon bons?

bon bons!!??  what the crap!!  i have enough crap coming out of my mouth to begin with.  i don't need to feed on it you moron.  enjoy your waisttt line.

Law School Admissions / Re: ITT help me identify target schools
« on: May 24, 2007, 07:55:45 AM »
with that TTT score, you might as well apply to UT.  what else have you got to lose?  your life is over anyway.  have fun pumping my gas!

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Where ARE you, Smails?
« on: May 24, 2007, 07:52:59 AM »
Yeah, he's the type of guy that would be really subtle about getting into Harvard...

I think he might realize that I'm dead f-ing serious about figuring out who he is and ratting him out. And he's already given me too many clues.

Alternatively, he might feel like too much of a big f-in' success to post here, having gotten into HLS after all.

so getting into harvard is a big success now?  this is what happens when you let TTT people in.  everything's a big success to them.

so this is where all the fatties hang out. 

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