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Current Law Students / Re: Best Option
« on: August 12, 2012, 11:22:31 PM »
Everybody play nice. Don't make me come in here again.

No, it really doesn't affect admissions to either school. Law school admissions is entirely numbers-driven, so to also apply to the business school, it only shows that you have a certain goal in mind: a JD/MBA. If they were to even notice, they would just assume you have the same goal when applying to other law schools. If there's some reason why this school is a top choice, you can write a supplemental essay on it, outlining the reasons why you feel that it's the school for you. Probably won't carry much weight in their decision, and they may not even give it more than a glance, but it's something that shows you've done your homework on the school and that you're willing to put in a little extra work.

Law School Admissions / Re: British Degree?
« on: July 15, 2012, 11:03:27 AM »
First class honours degrees work out to a 4.0 GPA in the US system. As far as where you should apply: any you feel you would want to attend. Aside from any top schools that don't offer scholarships for very high GPA and LSAT, with your credentials, retaking would only affect the expense of attending law school.

Bar Exam Preparation / Re: Do you have to go to law school?
« on: July 10, 2012, 03:37:38 PM »
It depends on where you are. I know Washington state has a program for studying under a practicing lawyer in good standing as a path to taking the bar, but not sure where else.

Online Law Schools / Re: Help me pick an online law school
« on: July 09, 2012, 07:31:29 PM »

I'm genuinely curious about this.  Please tell me why you think it would be better to take one class at a time

Ask your mommy. I'm beginng to think there are a bunch of retards on this forum. I quit posting to this forum a while back and I am going to stop posting again. Too many uneducated people on here asking stupid common sense questions. I'm not responding to to stupid questions.

Yeah. Not posting. That's a good idea.

This will help you know where your options are. From there, start looking at geography and markets where you will want to practice.

Have you read the Wikipedia article on complicity? That should be a good start. But Julie's right. Your research should answer those questions, not people on the internet.

Current Law Students / Re: Petition for readmission - help?
« on: June 12, 2012, 08:33:51 AM »
Good job, Denny. Congrats on making it through. How's bar study going?

Law School Admissions / Re: A URM ethical conundrum
« on: June 07, 2012, 07:53:48 AM »
If it's your heritage, check the box. There isn't much of an admissions bump for claiming Native heritage, but it's something. Don't worry about not looking like a plains Indian, as most of the judgmental pricks who care about such things expect you to look. There are plenty of full-blooded Natives who don't.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: mittster: satan?
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:29:47 PM »
I prefer to say that if you're born a white, Christian, heterosexual male, you start your life at second base in the baseball game of life. If you're born rich, you get an extra base and you get to hold onto the bat.

Then there's this awesome thing.

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