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i justed looked throught the UVA information packet from 05-06 and didn't see a breakdown of in-state vs out-of state statistics. I really wouldn't be worried about it though.

I'm not worried about it... I'm hoping it'll help me out! :)

I'm a non-traditional student (graduated in 1998), with a 3.38 GPA.  I just made the decision to go ahead and pursue this career change a short while ago, so I've only been studying for the December LSAT a week, but I got a 172 yesterday and a 165 today.  I hope to improve more in the next six weeks.

But... currently I'm right on the brink for UVA acceptance... if I get a 172, I think I'd get in, but if I get a 165, I probably wouldn't.  However, I read that UVA is required to have 40% of the law school be Virginia residents, and I am one.  How much has that seemed to help people on this board?

My current dream schools are UVA, Duke, and Michigan.

Do law schools just apply the same mathematical formula to everyone and then later look at your other experiences?  Or do they weight your GPA less heavily if you have been out of school for several years?

I have a 3.38, which I'm wishing were higher, because I'm expecting to score 165-175 on the LSAT, based on my practice tests (I've only been studying a week, but got a 172 yesterday and a 165 today).  So... I feel like my GPA could definitely hold me back, and... I just don't feel like it's representative of the work ethic I have now, after having been a professional for eight years. 

Another suggestion would be to do all four sections without a break.  It might help counteract the advantage of only have four by making you more tired than you should be on the fourth.

Not to sound stupid, but you really think only one work-related LOR is acceptable?  I've been out of school eight years too, and there simply isn't any professor I feel I could ask.  I think my work-related LORs will be very, very good and actually relate pretty well to law school in a lot of ways, though my job isn't law related (I work at the State Dept, doing instructional design for distance learning courses for Foreign Service officers).

It just seems wrong to me... the people who know me from my professional life have a *much* better sense of my capabilities than random professors who hardly remember me and only knew me in a narrow context.

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