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Law School Admissions / Re: Tricky transcript question
« on: June 21, 2006, 06:08:31 AM »
hmm that does sound like a pain but at least i know.  thanks.

I wasn't trying to state the obvious.  Yes, of course schools like GW and Fordham have a degree of regional appeal, but my firsthand experience (for what its worth) is that in general GW is better respected (than one would expect) across the board, but particularly in the international field, for a school that is ranked about 20 by USNWR.  That is to say, it appeals more in markets outside of DC too, i.e. NY.

So for the OP its not in my mind a hands down decision to take Cornell over GW, especially if they want to work in DC.  I would certainly want to factor in that while at GW you'll get the opportunity to do a lot more worthwhile networking than you will in Ithaca, as well as have the opportunity to work part-time in your 2nd and 3rd years in DC firms if you so choose. (Quite a few GW full-time students work part-time in DC firms)

OK so it would appear 3) is out.  That is hard for me.  At least in my head 2 and 3 are almost the same topic.  I currently work in a firm as a trade paralegal and my experience overseas is probably the cause for my interest in international work.  I have to say that I am somewhat fortunate in that while I think public international law is intersting I'm reconcilled to the fact that people practice private international law and public international law (I.e. human rights, etc) opportunites are few and far between.

Maybe so long as I don't focus on 3) it can have a place in my PS in some respect???


So a few attorneys you know (possibly GW alumtrolls at that) think its better.  That's nice.  Thanks for sharing.

Don't believe me if you like...all I'm saying is that GW is better regarded in DC than many people realize.  And no, none of these particular attorneys went to GW.

I was a lurker, but I'm done lurking and its time to start writing. 

I'm looking for some advice.  I have three things that are important to me to convey to the adcomm -- 1) hopefully (took the June LSAT) explain why there is a 10 point difference between my LSAT scores (my mother is struggling with a terminal illness); 2) tell the adcomm I'm a dual national and have lived oversees for significant chunks of my life; and 3) tell the adcomm why I want to go to law school and what I hope to do with it.

Having been lurking I know full well lots of these topics are supposedly "off-limits" but I'm interested in anyone who has thoughts on how I can tell the adcomm these things in a way that will help and not hurt my application.  Are there certain things I should avoid (not the topics themselves hopefully -- but as I haven't put anything on paper I'm more than willing to hear you out)?  Are their better ways to make my points?  What should go in an addendum versus what can I put in my PS? 

If they pull you off the waitlist at Cornell, you should definitely go.  It is a significant step up, particularly for the field you're interested in.  I'd estimate that for the jobs you can get from GW that will require you to be top third will, at Cornell a median gpa would be sufficient, which in my opinion is a significant difference.  Also, the international program at Cornell is historically much more reputable.

I disagree ... I work at a top ranked firm in DC and I would say that most of the attorneys I work with think GW's international program is better than that of Cornell, particularly for the more business related aspects of international law.  That said I think there are a lot of attractive features about Cornell's dual degree program and it will be one of my top choices when I apply in the upcoming cycle.

Law School Admissions / Tricky transcript question
« on: June 20, 2006, 11:22:31 AM »
So I apologize for this being a bit long but here goes...

Between Junior and Senior year of high school I attended Summer School at a college and took two classes for which I earned college credit.  These classes are listed on my college transcript but without the grades.  I recently registered for LSAC and sent in my college transcript.  My GPA went down despite the fact that my school uses the same system exactly as LSAC for grades.  I now want to send my Summer School transcript to LSAC to raise my GPA (hopefully).  My questions are: 1) Is this a good idea -- i.e. will it actualyl raise my GPA?  Will it just look stupid?  2) How do I get one of those transcript cover forms for the Summer School grades -- I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to add another school to my list on LSAC. 

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