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Here we go again!  Last time I posted about a TJSL law grad who sued TJSL for misleading employment statistics.  Now two Large Law Schools have been named in a Class Action Law Suit, namely Thomas Cooley and New York Law School, for misleading graduate employment statistics.  Some of us online/distance law students have been saying for many years that brick and mortar law schools are overrated and overpriced with very little post graduate tangible benefits in return.  I just recently talked with a young lady who recently graduated from Ave Maria Law School, who decided to stay working as a Social Worker, after graduating and passing the CA Bar, because it pays better than what she would get as a new law school graduate. 

You can read all the scoop at this link 

Serious question - what is the general per-credit-hour tuition at a DL Law School?

I strongly suggest you go to the posting that directly links you to the California Bar website and lists all the registered online/distance law schools with their contact information.  The lowest tuition I found was around $2800 per year at Northwestern California University School of Law established in the early 1980's (where I attended for two years), and there is a new online law school, American Institute of Law which is around the same tuition, and then you have a wide range in-between, and I think Concord is the most expensive.

Most students, brick and mortar, and online/distance use some type of bar exam prep!  No law student just passes the Baby Bar and General Bar first attempt without exam prep programs.  So, my fellow online law students take heart, as my friend at Tulare County District Attorney's office has proven the merits of online law schools, and the characteristics of a successful online law student that exceeded the standards of brick and mortar law schools!

Let me hit the nail on the head again, as I don't argue a point for the sake of argument but fact.  I just called a friend I knew who had enrolled at Oak Brook College of Law, an online/distance learning law school in California, Christian based, and the school has no special formula for helping their students that I am aware of other than their students typically are very intelligent and persevering.  Here are his stats:

1.  Passed the Baby Bar first attempt without exam prep materials.
2.  Passed the California Bar first attempt without exam prep materials, 2004.
3.  Hired shortly after graduation with a non-profit legal defense organization based in Virginia.
4.  Moved to California, worked with a fellow graduate of Oak Brook College of Law and attorney.
5.  Now an Assistant District Attorney in Tulare County, California.

If you want to verify, I will not give you his name (because I did not get permission to use his name), but you can do your homework and google the D.A.'s office in Tulare County, call them and ask them if they have any attorneys on staff that have graduated from an online/distance learning law school, Oak Brook College of Law in particular.   

Here's another England based Law School offering an online LLM program, no need for a JD or LLB for entry.  Their tuition is almost half the cost of Univ. of Liverpool, at about $11,000 - $12,000 US Dollars for the entire program.  You can also do a 15 months accelerated version also.  They do mention an "Induction Weekend," held in Leicester, England, for the kickoff of the school year in September, and they do not mention if that is mandatory to attend or not.  Follow this link

Online Law Schools / Re: Another new online law school?
« on: July 21, 2011, 11:56:53 PM »

Please go to my post where I have a link to the California Bar and the list of online schools, and you will find St. Francis Law School listed.

Online Law Schools / Re: Concord dropout...
« on: July 19, 2011, 02:32:48 PM »

My suggestion to you is that you read through the other topics in this section and I'm sure you will find others who will sympathize with you!  Regarding your concern over costs, going back to a traditional law school like TJSL is not going to help your cause.  There are other online law school venues available and if you browse through the topics in this section, you will find a lot of help!

This professor is very good in explaining Intentional Torts and Negligence for writing exam essays.  He's very good at helping analyze with proper application of the rule of law.  There are 14 videos I think available on the subject.  It's free on youtube and here is the link

If I start my first year all over again at a brick and mortar law school, the last thing I am going to want to do is leave it and finish online!!!!! :)

Hi again,

I was particularly addressing the strategy of getting around the Baby Bar and Saving Money at the same time.  I did say in my post "for those of you who have not started your first year of online/distance law school," that especially in that scenario, take your first year at a brick and mortar law school, then finish your studies online/distance, get exempted from taking the Baby Bar, and you would have saved yourself two more years of high cost tuition at a brick and mortar law school.  Of course you have to pass your first year at a Brick and Mortar law school.

But you also save time, because under the all online route, at most CA online/distance law schools, if you don't pass the Baby Bar, you cannot advance to your second year!  So, what if takes five attempts at the Baby Bar before moving onto your second year, that's almost three years of waiting before you advance to your second year!  Which means you finish your online/distance law school in seven years!  Therefore, if you use the strategy I'm suggesting, you would save yourself time and money if you take your first year at a brick and mortar law school, and then enter your second year at an online/distance law school, be exempt from the Baby Bar, finish up your law degree in four years, and at a lower cost!

In response to your response in particular, if I retake my first year at a Brick and Mortar law school, and pass, I would not stay at that Brick and Mortar law school, but to save money, I would finish up law school online!  Thanks for your comment!

If you've read the requirements for online/distance learning law students, you know that we have to take and pass the Baby Bar here in California after your first year, and most of the online/distance learning schools are going to require you pass the Baby Bar before you can proceed to finish off the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of law school. 

We know the Baby Bar can be a big obstacle for some of us, as it has been for me.  However, for those of you who have not started your first year of online/distance law school, you can use a little strategy by taking your first year in a traditional ABA approved law school, and then transfer to an online/distance learning law school in California, and you will be exempt from taking the Baby Bar!  Using this strategy, you will only have to pay the high cost of law school for one year at a traditional brick & mortar law school, and then transfer to an online program to finish up law school, and save yourself a ton of money, and escape the Baby Bar exam!

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