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I've gotten into more selective schools. In fact, every single other school (w/ exception of one T10) has sent me notification by now. Except Syracuse. I'm totally baffled. No comprehension whatsoever.

While I'm at it, L&C. L&C was my top choice, but they offered me a very low scholarship in comparison to what similarly ranked schools were offering. I asked if the amount could be reconsidered. What did I hear? Yes? No? Ask someone else?

Total silence.

I noticed several self-nominations for this thread...

Hmmmm.... I have known many arrogant jerks in my life. Most were completely unaware of their boorish behavior.

On occcasion I have met that *particular* individual who would make the same obnoxious remarks, but preface them with a wry putdown acknowledging that they knew that they were being obnoxious.

"I know it's so T14 of me to say this, but if you don't score a 176 on your LSAT you might as well go to Tom Cooley and chase ambulances for a living!"

So... which is worse from a moral point of view? To be the unaware jerk? Or to be aware of your, um, jerkiness and to keep on doing it?

Or, put another way, does intent matter? Heh.

Okay, here's my problem...

I have a great tier 3 school that I really like that is offering me a free ride, and the scholarship is a 'top half of the class', not top 25% or GPA based... but if (god forbid) I screw up I'm on the hook for 32k/yr for two yrs that I can't afford


My state school, which is top 100 (but not top 50), and which is cheap, but hasn't put together a financial package for me yet, and has explained that they probably won't be able to do so until AFTER the deposits have been sent in, but they could turn out to be a great deal and bargain...


a private top 100 hundred school (also not top 50) which is offering me a decent merit scholarship (renewable, no strings) + a need scholarship (probably renewable, no strings) + MAX financial aid, but even with the need AND merit would leave me paying about 14k/yr that I'd have to use the finaid for...


the three schools (T50, T40, T10) that haven't even told me if I've been accepted or not.
Arghhhhhhhh!!!! Must... contain.... fists.... of..... rage....

Choosing the Right Law School / Still Waiting...
« on: March 06, 2006, 04:30:36 PM »
So... I was accepted to a whole lot of school in January and early February. You could say that I over-applied. The thing is, I'm still waiting on five schools that have had all of my documents since January.

A few quick comments- yes, I realize that I have an ecelectic mix of schools, but there is a reason for them. I am not too surprised by the lack of notification from UF and ASU since they are state schools, but since they are rolling admissions, I suppose this bodes poorly for me. So... anyone know what's going on with my NY Three? Are other people waiting on these schools? My mailbox has become a symbol of sadness in my household of late, its emptiness signifying another day I cannot make a final deicision about my future... *grin*

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