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Hello vanceap3:

The title of the zip file is "2000+ Pages of Law School Outlines, Notes, Analysis."  It is on and sells for $3.99.  I have it on my Kindle and I am glad I am able to study anywhere I go.  There are a few typo and grammatical mistakes in the notes.  But, overall the file does help me memorize the law.  I should pass the certified paralegal exam with this file. 

For the other poster regarding law school exams:  When I was at California Southern, I had to take the exams at a testing site.  They were similar to the exams I took while I was a first year student at Mercer University's School of Law (1987 to 1988).  Mid-Atlantic does not have mid term or final exams.  What Mid-Atlantic does have is a final project.  Before anyone receives a degree from this company, he or she has to complete a final project.  It can be anything from serving a term of internship under  an attorney to completing a thesis.  Mid Atlantic is administered by a company.  But so is DeVry University, ITT Tech, UMA Medical Academy, CTU, and hundreds of other schools distributed throughout the entire nation.  Many years ago, home schooling was looked down upon as well.  Now, it is an accepted form of education.

I didn't have enough money to complete Mercer, California Southern, or Mid Atlantic. I work as a security guard and I am divorced.   As a result, I have opted to go for being a certified paralegal.  I am getting experience by helping inmates with law issues by volunteering for the New Vision Organization. The only thing I [can] do is summarize court opinions for them.  Florida monitors the unauthorized practice of law vigorously.   I am a volunteer paralegal for that organization.

"By any means necessary!"  As long as you are reading court opinions, you are also headed in the right direction.

I bought a package of law school notes from  They are in a zip file.  I broke down and bought a second generation Kindle so that I can put the zip file on it after the notes are saved in pdf format.  I had originally planned to have the law school notes printed out.  But the contracts portion, alone, is 487 pages.  I will use these notes to study for the certified paralegal exam. The other information I am studying is a little outdated.   I think I will finally have the required 500 dollars needed to sit for the exam this September.  I am also working with a couple of inmates on their habeas corpus petitions, pro bono, under the direction of an attorney.  I have decided to work for free so that I can establish a professional reputation before I start looking for a paid position.  Being an attorney would be better.  But, I decided to wake up and smell the coffee:  I just don't have the money to go to law school. 

Have you decided to brief any of the cases in the Gilberts books?  I know that briefing even ten of the cases in each volume will slow you down.  But, the court opinions help me memorize the black letter law because each case states the law as part of the court opinion.  As a result, if you read
enough cases you will have that particular rule of law memorized.  The court opinions also bring the black letter law to life.

Someone else posted a question about this school in June 2009.  Go back to the previous pages on this forum to see if anyone else has comments about it and send them an email.  Hopefully, they will still be around to help you out.

It is a wonderful book.  It tells you how to make a presentation so that judges will want to listen to your argument.

I bought and read Scalia and Garner's book, "Making Your Case."  I like their recommended format for stating an issue.  I wrote an article about interpreting statutes.  It included information from a book that reinforced my understanding regarding how to interpret statutes.

My suggestion to online JD holders to get published was a way to get their foot in the door.  Of course, they will have to prove themselves in the courtroom.  But, who will listen to them unless the potential employer knows how they think; knows that they have some knowledge of the law; and, knows that they can read and write? Don't laugh at the last statement.  I have met some online degree holders who appear to be as illiterate as someone who never completed elementary school.

Tell that to Justice Scalia, Bryan Garner, Corbin, Farnsworth, the ALI, Prosser.  Most law review articles are written by professors.  And, by the way, Bailey was disbarred.  The only way to become effective at practicing law is to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the law.

Let's keep in touch to strengthen our knowledge of the law.

Thank you.  I was trying to be helpful. If you would like to take turns briefing cases and discussing the court opinions, let me know:  [email protected].  Perhaps, we can co-author a book of briefed court opinions or an article or two.

There is an online law school, similar to Mid Atlantic, based here in Florida.  Its administrator is an attorney.  I contacted the Board of Education about it and was told that that school is not accredited at all to grant a law degree of any kind.  So, having a law school run by an attorney can also be a scam. 

I think that the whole online law school system is a scam.  Students are flocking to these schools every year believing that all they have to do is study three hours a day for a year and they will pass the FYLSE.  Passing the FYLSE really takes a year of study for a minimum of eight hours a day; two years would be ideal.  In the real world out here (outside of California), Mid Atlantic, Novus, and any one of the state accredited distance learning schools with a California address are the same.  I think that anyone who wants to be a lawyer, should really stay away from any online law school and find a brick and mortar law school near him or her and attend that school.

But, if he/she does not really want to do that, then he/she is stuck with creating his/her own brand.    The online law school degree (from any online law school) is only a beginning. The school's name will not help him/her get his/her foot in the door. Getting published is one excellent way of creating your own brand. 

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