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I am a bit confused. Since Miami is ranked number 60, wouldn't this be a T-1 school too such as Florida State?

Also both Florida and Florida State are about equal in terms of admission. I don't think that my son will get into either one unless he scores 162+ on the LSAT with his 3.1 undergrad GPA.

No,but I get to travel to Syracuse once in a while for business and looked at the school for my daughter.  I really did like the school but HATED the area.

Cost to me isn't a big concern since I am a lawyer myself. However, if he could get into Florida, I probably would recommend Florida. However, my son's undergraduate GPA was only a 3.1, atlthough he had a 3.9+ in grad school. I guess alot will depend on the LSAT,which he hasn't taken

Florida is a good school and much cheaper. However, it is also much harder for entrance. Moreover, my son doesn't want to practice law per se. He wants to open up a full service tax and financial planning firm. Thus he is more interested
in getting certain types of experience in estate planning and elder law and in family dispute mediation than in working for a big law firm. His goals are a bit different than that of the average law student. Stetson happens to have a lot of strong training particularly in Elder Law.  Finally, my son having recently passed the CPA, could work for an accounting firm that has a financial/tax practice too.

Hey, I have been in Syracuse in the winter. It is much colder than Long Island,where I was from. Now I live in the MidAtlantic. It is much colder than here too. Thus, I think warning kids from warm climates isn't a bad thing

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FSU 2L Taking Questions
« on: June 10, 2010, 10:58:58 AM »
I checked out the FSU site and they seem to have a dearth of offerings compared to that of Miami or Florida or even Stetson. Did I miss something?

Also, they seem to have a funky concentration in (I think) environmental law. Any other strong points?

We visited University of Miami and Stetson for my son. Miami is much higher ranked ( top60) while Stetson is a tier 3 school. I really wanted to like Miami for many reasons. First , we had relatives there to serve as a support system for my son. Secondly, it is in...well.... Miami. Both the weather was fabulous and the school felt like being in a country club.
Third: Admission was surprising not that hard compare to other top 60 schools.
Fourth: Although tuition isn't cheap, it is not as bad as some schools caugh...Syracuse...caugh.
Fifth: They had a large number of offerings. Heck, they even had a course in online gaming, and I am not kidding about this.

However, as a result of our tour, everyone was a bit disappointed with Miami. Why?

First, Tuition at $37,000 isn't cheap and Miami is stingy with scholarships. They give out 22 full scholarships among 400 students.

Second, Miami had very large student faculty ratio at 16.5/1. We saw classrooms that had 125+ seats in them and they were numbered! The tour guide noted that Miami tries to fill up each seat too.  I got a real dipoloma mill feel from them.
Moreover, their career services isn't  good. For example, our tour guide was a JD and was giving tours. What does that tell you?
Although I liked the library, it really wasn't modern or recently renovated. Overall , I didn't get a warm fuzzy feel from Miami.

We then went to see Stetson. I was not prepared to like the school because of its tier 3 rankings. Moreover, I found Golfport to be a bit "hickish." However, I did change my mind after the tour. First, everyone was very friendly and accomodating. We even were able to meet the head of the elder law department who generously gave us as much time as we wanted. Stetson also had a very strong trial advocacy program and relatively cheaper tuition. I also got a more nurturing feel from them. 

Moreover, Stetson occupies facilites that were previously used as a luxury, elegant hotel. It is quite unique and also has a real resort feel to it. Moreover, Stetson is $7,000 less per year  than Miami and has a lower room and board cost.
Stetson did, however, have a mediocre Student faculty ratio too;however class sizes are maxed out at 70. I certainly didn't get the same diploma mill feel as I did in Miami. Also, their upper level classes average 25 or less. I was also particularly impressed with Stetson's new,state-of-the-art courtrooms. I can believe that their high ranking for their advocacy program is well founded. They obviously put a lot of time and money into this program.
Check them out. maybe your take will differ.

My problem with FSU is not its rankings or cost,but its course offerings. Check out their offerings and compare them to either Florida, Miami or even Statson. These latter schools offer a lot more choices. FSU also has some funky concentrations such as environmental law etc.  Frankly, I wasn't impressed with them at all and can't see them ever surpassing either Florida or Miami. In fact, I can't see them surpassing Stetson for long.

As an attorney, let me give you my perspective on Syracuse law School

First , it is overall a very decent law school. It has a fairly wide assortment of offerings and many seem quite good. It's student faculty ratio is  about 10.5/1, which is in accord with the best law schools. It has a fairly good reputation outside of Syracuse and even outside of NY.

HOWEVER: there are some drawbacks. First, it has one of the highest tuitions that I have seen in a law school at 44K in tution alone. Yes, they do give scholarships,however, keeping these scholarships is another thing. Grading for law schools , especially for those that want higher rankings, is very bad. The average  GPA can be under 2.5. Thus, keeping a scholarship is tough. If you lose it, you are stuck paying their outrageous tuition.

Secondly, I could justify the tuition if you had great job prospects. with big firms. Sadly, that is isn't the case either.

Finally, you are living in Syracuse. I can't think of a lot of worse places to live especially because of the weather. Imagine how cold you think Syracuse is and subtract 35 degrees.
My main quesiton is what does Syracuse have that other law schools of its caliber don't have? Why not Miami, which is about as hard for admission and $7,000 per year cheaper?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Nova or Stetson????
« on: June 10, 2010, 09:21:24 AM »
We actually visited Stetson and found it to be a much better school than its tier 3 rankings would indicate. It my surprise you to know that Stetson is ranked number one in the country for trial advocacy. Yes, I am not making it up. It's legal writing program is ranked at number 5. It has a strong program in Elder Law,  and decent tax law offering. It really should be considered.

Moreover, I got a very nurturing feel from Stetson that I didn't get from other schools such as Miami, which has a much higher ranking.

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