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Law School Admissions / Good Fit?
« on: March 20, 2009, 08:27:49 PM »
Hello Everyone-

I am a senior in high school and will be attending a private liberal arts college next year. I am going to major in English, but am considering a career as a lawyer. I am very interested in politics and law and debating about them and fighting for equality and justice...I am a member of the Forensics squad at my school, and participate in Student Congress, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Oration. I am really passionate about debating and that kind of thing, and I was planning on majoring in English because I want to be a Creative Writer, so I figured that I needed to major in English and become an English Professor in order to be a writer...However I feel like I want to do something active in the world and fight for people and debate, and so I'm entertaining the idea of law...Any advice on figuring this out?

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