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Current Law Students / Re: Cuz I'm Curious
« on: August 19, 2009, 05:20:14 PM »
Didn't Michigan's OCI just start yesterday?  How can you know nobody's getting callbacks?

Current Law Students / Re: Cuz I'm Curious
« on: August 19, 2009, 04:36:40 PM »
M_Cool, what is your indiation that OCI is so brutal this year?  It seems like firms are hiring less, but there are still jobs out there.  A couple years ago, my friend was a transfer from a tier 4 to a top 10 and he had 20 job offers.  Literally, 20.  Hell, if prospects even decline 75%, that's still 5 job offers.

Current Law Students / Re: Interview tips?
« on: August 16, 2009, 09:03:23 PM »

What kind of background did the interviewer act dismissive toward?  I am wondering because I come from a very, very tiny town and am contemplating mentioning that in an interview to demonstrate my motivation, jumping hurdles, etc.  Would that be a bad idea?  I feel like some of them would look down upon that.

I don't know the first thing about buying suits.  Can interviewers tell if it's a cheapy (i.e. <200)?  Also, are navy pinstipes not conservative enough?  I went into the store and asked for something conservative and that's what they gave me.

Thanks for your input, everybody.  When I got to thinking about it, there were only a few citations that I did not feel good about (mainly foreign cases and constitutions).  Oh well, it's done.

I'm at a top school and doing the write on and it is brutal.  There's no way I'm getting all of these citations correct, they're all too confusing.  Am I doomed?

Transferring / When will H and Y make their transfer decisions?
« on: July 14, 2009, 08:28:42 PM »
I have offers from other schools that I need to accept ASAP.  How long should I wait?

Current Law Students / Re: Summer before first year
« on: April 16, 2009, 05:24:37 PM »
I agree that your priority this summer should be rest and relaxation, BUT, I was in the same situation last summer and was worried that if I did nothing all summer it would be hard to adjust to the hard work in the fall.

What I did was gather about 30-40 edited cases (probably what you read in about a week and a half in law school) and spent a couple weeks reading them, and trying to identify the issue, rule, application, and conclusion.  Then, I checked them against online case briefs (anywhere will work, has a lot).  It was a very good plan.  The first cases you read are so confusing and take a long time to go through because everything is so foreign.  The first few weeks of law school those who are unprepared are struggling and spending hours reading.  I felt like I got past that initial shock in the summer, and could hit the ground running in the fall.

Also, I think it would be helpful to just learn basic terms for each course – by and large, everything is the same (i.e. contracts – offer, acceptance, consideration, conditions, remedies – that’s all you need to know).  At the beginning of law school, it is so difficult to wrap your mind around the concepts because its difficult to tell where it fits in.  maybe spending a little time in the summer trying to see the forest from the trees would be beneficial.

Finally, and this might sound odd, but I would set a workout routine and get in shape for the year.  Even if it’s like an hour 3 times a week, or a half hour 4 times a week, it would be really beneficial to get into a routine and stick through it all through law school.  Much of law school is sitting in a chair reading, and spending that time to stay in shape helps you keep focus and blow off some steam.

Sorry for the long post, but I thought you might like these suggestions.  Good luck and have fun this summer!


Hey guys. Newbie here, I appreciate the wealth of advice on this site. I'm seeking any advice or suggestions you can offer me. Im a 154, 3.2 poli-sci & business undergrad. I have been accepted to Cal Western (High Attrition, t4, I know) I love San Diego, and California as a whole, however I know my options graduating from Cal Western are concentrated regionally in San Diego.

My question is this; If i can maintain top 15-20% in my class @ Cal Western, what are the realistic possibilities of transferring to into any of these schools either a)full time (mainly what I'm interested in)  b) part-time :


I ask because I understand that with such a low GPA, and an less-than-stellar LSAT score, my chances of getting into ASU, or USD are slim (2 schools of which im waiting to hear back from). I believe(am encouraged by the advice given to me by 1l's @ UofO law school- home of my undergrad) that I can rise to the top of my 1l class at Cal Western. I have been an 3.8 student the last two years of my undergrad while working 20+ hours a week. I live in the professors office hours, and I have been absorbing E & E's for 6 months and have been sitting in on UofO law lectures....etc etc. sorry to bore you with the details, these are simply the reasons for which I believe I may be able to excel.

Thanks for the advice!   Grin

Assuming you were to be top 15% or so (top 20% is cutting it close):

Decent Shot: USD, ASU, Hastings

Highly Unlikely: USC, UCLA

Pretty much Impossible: Stanford, Berkeley

Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but this is my advice to you: do not go to law school unless you can raise your LSAT significantly.  Take it from me, I transferred from a T4 to a T20 (rejected at a few T14s), and I was in the top 2% of my class.  Getting great grades at a T4 is not only hard, but also unpredictable, and in this economy (especially in the Californian economy, with its 10% unemployment rate), it's just not worth it to take the risk of going to a T4.

You probably really want to go to law school, so I can't fault you for being tenacious about this (as is evidenced by your multiple threads on here).  But just step back for a second and think about what life would be like if you were top 1/3 or so at a T4 and you couldn't transfer out.  When you say, "I know my options graduating from Cal Western are concentrated regionally in San Diego," it shows me that you're missing the point.  You may not have any options coming from a T4 in CA.  Seriously. 

Can I ask you what your LSAT was?  I am a 1L at a school that floats between T2 and T3, who had a 160 LSAT, and will likely be ranked in the top 1-2%.  What are my possibilities?  Is T10 anywhere near possible?

Current Law Students / Re: Reading in Law School
« on: February 18, 2009, 10:59:58 AM »
Maybe it is because I go to a Tier 3 law school, but I don't have as much reading as everybody else that has posted here.  For 2 of my classes, I have about 50 pages per week (25 per class).  For my other three, I have about 25 per week (10-15 per class).  So, thats about 175 pages a week (probably ~ 30 cases).  Each Sunday through Wednesday, if I have the time and patience to read and brief as I want to and should, I spend about 5 hours each day.  This does not happen much.  Usually, it's more like 3 1/2 to 4.  Which, when only being in class 3-4 hours a day, is definitely manageable......until you make time for outlining, memorizing, and Legal Research and Writing assignments.  It's tough, but doable.

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