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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: 2004 GW Waitlist
« on: April 03, 2004, 07:23:11 AM »
I'm waitlisted at GW with a 3.78/163 and 2 years work experience in the New York State Senate. 

I've been accepted to Fordham, and plan to live in New York City after graduation, so they're roughly equal with GW for the NYC market as far as I'm concerned.  If I get off the GW waitlist, I'll give serious consideration to that school, but I can't tell them with a straight face that I'd definitely go there if accepted. 

« on: April 03, 2004, 07:01:23 AM »
Dropping from 165 to 149?  That's a huge drop, and I think you should take some responsibility for what happened.  What were you scoring on practice tests?  (I assume that, as a diligent student, you took at least 4-6 practice tests besides the Diagnostic, Midterm and Final in the Kaplan course). 

It sounds like you had a complete emotional breakdown under the pressure of the test.  I'm sorry to hear that, but don't blame Kaplan for your failure. 

I took the Kaplan course, and got a 151 on my Diagnostic.  After a few months of practice, I scored 163 on the real exam.  That's not good enough to get me into Yale or Harvard, but I did make a big improvement using Kaplan's materials, and applying myself to a rigorous studying schedule. 

It all depends on the indvidual's aptitude and work ethic.  You can use any prep materials you want - Kaplan, Test Masters, Princeton Review, etc. - and it won't guarantee you a high score.  It will just guarantee you an opportunity.  Marketing pitches aside, it's VERY difficult to score a 180 regardless of how hard you practice, or what course you take.  Did you really think that you could enroll in some course and walk away with a 180 in your pocket? 

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