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wuts her deal anyway... transin dental implants or something....



Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UF vs. FSU
« on: August 09, 2004, 08:13:06 PM »
are you asking me what my name means?  If that was actually the question see Mario Puzzo for starters....

  secondlyallofmost.....b) the braves SUCK (but really we are much to mature for this)!


General Off-Topic Board / Re: M Night SHAM-alon
« on: August 09, 2004, 07:58:26 PM »
Dude if you think that's bad, rent "unbreakable".....

Man that movie's gonna have 99% rate of cure on insomnia.

I liked unbreakable... i didnt love it but i liked it... i am a huge Sam L fan and i loved how they did the whole comic book thing in such a dark way... very decent flic...


General Off-Topic Board / M Night SHAM-alon
« on: August 09, 2004, 07:42:54 PM »

  saw the village tonight, left utterly unimpressed



  I read the back of my honey nut Cheerios box this morning, highly recommend it!  Great source of fiber and even lowers your cholesterol!

  (just read both Da Vinci and Angels and Demons...i think i did it backwards but wutever...some good chit anyway if your into that sorta thing.... also reread Brave New world while i was on vacation, not the Soma induced kind either)


General Off-Topic Board / Re: The Beatles: Let it Be or Yesterday
« on: August 08, 2004, 02:16:19 PM »
Day Tripper of Paper Back writer.... that remix of Sgt Pepper is hott too....

  Fav Beatle.... Dung

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UF vs. FSU
« on: August 08, 2004, 01:56:49 PM »


   There is not that much of a difference unless you want to study tax law in which case go to Uf (Levin College of Law).  IMHO I like Gainesville more than Tally...   I found the women to be equally pleasing and both cities know how to have a good time.  If you are trying to go the Government route, obviously go to the Capitol...   Tally is in bumblefuck panhandle and G-ville in bubmble @#!* north central florida...  kind of equal there...    As far as other broad generalizations... or generalization about broads in this instance...  I thought Tally girls were slightly hotter and much easier.... GO GATORS!

  UF Class of '03
  Albany Law Class of '07


  Did my undergrad at UF, Gainesville is hott... do some reasearch on the topic with the search option in this forum and you can read some of my thoughts on Florida.....  ie// the fact that their law library is/was until recently an abandoned publix.

   Both are great choices for a myriad of reasons, but most importantly they both have beautiful weather and women... 


i wrote my PS about peanutbutter and jelly...... seriously.

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