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Job Search / Re: Timing Sucks
« on: May 08, 2006, 10:59:13 AM »
Hell, I couldn't even find a 2L summer gig being in the top 10% and law review. So, suck it up and start beating the bushes like the rest of us.

Pursuing an LLM / Houston IP LLM
« on: May 08, 2006, 10:52:48 AM »
Can anyone who is in the IP LLM program give me an idea of what it took to get in (what school were you from, GPA, etc). Also, do you like the program and would you recommend it to others? Most importantly, what are the job opportunities coming from the program? I am coming from a JD at one of the Arkansas law schools, and will be able to get in-state tuition to Houston. I looked at other programs, but can't justify the cost (e.g. WUSTL). I want to do IP/Business and am considering this program and the Florida Tax LLM, also at in-state tuition. Would prefer to do the IP program though, if it is worth doing.

Pursuing an LLM / Re: LLM after a U.S. JD
« on: May 08, 2006, 10:34:02 AM »
First, only a few programs are limited to foriegn students (Stanford, Duke, and a few others). Second, they are not easy to get into, but not terribly difficult either. Most LLM programs serve as cash cows for the school, they are not ABA regulated, and the people in the programs don't figure into ABA reported numbers. Last, what school depends on what you want to specialize in. Yale is the obvious choice for people who want to be professors.

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