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Online Law Schools / Entrepreneur Executive in search of Law Degree
« on: February 25, 2015, 03:16:39 PM »
Hello all, and thank you for your kind advice!  I started my company a few years back and we have about 400 employees in 35 states.  I graduated college many years ago, in an area (medical) that is not remotely associated with what I do now (I.T.)  Being the entrepreur type , I always felt like I had no 'paper' credibility, only credibility with the success of starting and growing a business.  I decided to enter into the Notre Dame Executive Education program and have completed it, and  I'm very happy with it overall.  I would never contemplate becoming a lawyer, or taking the bar, as I am now a little older and settled. 

Over the past dozen years I have faced pretty much every legal challenge a businessman can encounter, and have learned a lot from my attorneys and now inhouse legal.  I would like to pursue an online law degree, J.D. or E.J.D. that I will only have for myself, not really to obtain a better job, or work in the legal field.  This is truly a business decision, as I would like just a little more credibility, and also do it as a personal endeavor as an example to my employees, as you are never too old to learn something new.

With all that said, would you folks be so kind as to advise me on what schools and what direction someone like me should take?  I appreciate good advice and thank you in advance!

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