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I'm a current 1L at GU and can tell you a little bit about it. Gonzaga has been a really pleasant experience this past year. I have found the faculty to be of great quality, as well as very accessible. The students are from all over the country (we did have a Canadian student at the beginning, but he had to drop out due to family illness) and a lot of us don't plan on staying here. So moving back to Canada shouldn't be an issue. You will have to do your own networking if you don't know any lawyers where you want to practice, but you WILL get a good education at Gonzaga.

GU also has a lot going on. We have a clinic, which allows you to get first hand legal experience & take on clients for credit. This kind of experience is invaluable. Law school isn't the best at teaching you HOW to do what lawyers actually do. It is about teaching you how to think. So the clinic is a great way to learn practical skills. Also, we have a lot of competitions... negotiations, client counseling, oral advocacy (1Ls only), and Linden Cup (brief writing & oral arguments). We have a moot court team that won second best brief. I'm not sure what SU has going on, but GU definitely provides its students with many opportunities to develop professional skills. Also, our bar passage rate was better or the same as SU's in the last few years. This is saying something.

As far as money goes, I can tell you that you will end up spending waaaaaaay more than you think you will. Between casebooks, supplemental materials, housing, food, and fun (on those rare occasions that you will have any), it all adds up pretty quickly. Plus, budgeting is usually last on your list of priorities as a 1L (which is saying something about how busy you will be!). I know it has been mentioned before, but Spokane is significantly less expensive generally. Graduating with less debt is obviously a huge plus. 

Yes, the nightlife isn't as good as Seattle, but that's kind of a good thing. You will be in law school. It will be your life. Nightlife here is just fine--we are in no short supply of bars. We have some nice malls and movie theaters and plenty of restaurants. No, it is no Seattle, but it does just fine for a busy law student. Also, we have basketball, which you can get free tickets to as a law student. It is a lot of fun! March madness is a blast in Spokane because the whole town really loves GU basketball.

As for the rankings... I agree with WSULeifJ. It really won't make that much of a difference if you are not interested in biglaw. Plus, we just cracked the top 100. Dean Martin is not going to stop with that # either, his goals are to make us a nationally known law school. GU is implementing a new curriculum next year which looks like it will be awesome! I am really jealous of the incoming class. Also, I know SU has a great legal research and writing program (LRW), but so do we! Effective writing skills are the most important skills a lawyer can have.

Rankings matter as far as getting that first job out of law school. Beyond that, it all comes down to you. If you go to GU, you will be taught by quality faculty the things you need to know. And do it with less debt. That's just my two cents.

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it's also a nice way to maintain good rapport in case you need to call on them for other such favors in the future. never burn any bridges.


adirondack lodge is pet friendly! i had checked it out awhile ago, but dismissed it given it's distance. I was trying to find something closer, but haven't had much luck. thanks for reminding me of it, I'm definitely going to give them a call!

what are people's thoughts about living in Spokane valley and going to GU? Would it be too far?

here's a post that i found specifically about the snowfall in spokane.. there are posts on there from people who actually live there, so take their word for it over mine.


oh yeah, i know all about case. it's a great school. I considered applying there, but I too knew that i need a change from the midwest. I only applied to 1 ohio school just to appease my parents.

i read on wikipedia or something that the rockies to the east help to block the arctic breeze, thus keeping it from being really cold. so if you can handle some snow in the high 20s then you can manage. since you are from indiana i am assuming you know all about frigid temperatures  ;)  this probably won't be a big deal to you.


OH YEAH, i cannot wait to get out of the midwest. where were you going to go if you don't mind me asking?

i'm coming all the way from ohio. and yeah, everytime i mention that i'm moving to WA, people gasp with jealousy. can't wait to see it for the first time!

I got my recommenders gifts from Harry & David. My mom is a professor and says that it really stands out and is much appreciated when a student does this in return for a LOR. However, it is not necessary... especially because it is expensive (I basically blew a whole paycheck on it). BUT, you should definitely write a thank you note.

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