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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Widener TAP Program
« on: March 18, 2013, 04:24:00 PM »
I was also accepted through their TAP program.

From what I have read, not a lot of people actually pass their TAP program and the tution cost does not credit the actual tuition if you were to pass.
I am still up in the air about accepting my offer

Transferring / Re: Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: March 01, 2013, 02:42:53 PM »
IMPORTANT: There is no cell service in Grundy unless you have Verizon.

Transferring / Re: Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: March 01, 2013, 02:40:42 PM »

Cannot stop laughing at Michael Scott.

Just toured the campus and definitely NOT attending. If anyone else has been admitted please read this:

Appalachain's School of Law community was inviting but the area is depressing. Even though they offered me a nice scholarship, the input from many bloggers on this thread, research on the school itself, and the actual visit has lead me to not attend.

Grundy looks like a place from a horror film. There is absolutely nothing to do around here and employers do not make the trip to Appalachian for OCI's. I also took into account the probability that if I am not able to transfer I know would not be happy here for an additional two years.

Grundy is not for me, withdrawing on Monday so hopefully my schoalrship pakcage goes to someone else who actually attends.

Thanks everyone for your input.

Transferring / Re: Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: February 26, 2013, 05:05:13 PM »
Just to settle the score:

I am going to law school, like I have said before, I understand my numbers are low but that is not going to stop me from attending an aba law school.

Yea I was admitted to Appalachian as well as New England Law School, New York Law School, and Touro. I was also wait listed at Hofstra (where I attend undergrad) as well as pace law school.

As the OP, I want to make it clear that I am attending law school, I understand the risks involved and beat myself everyday for a low gpa, however, i wrote an addendum explaining personal situations that prevented me from excelling. I just want to make it clear I was not making an excuse or complaining, just stating facts.

As far as the comparison about MBA school, I intern at a law office in NY and work directly under a paralegal who attended law school but realized it was not for him so now he is attending grad school. I have written close to five of his papers and he received A's on all of them. I obviously was extra careful when writing his assignments since, at the time he was writing my letter of recommendation but it just proves that MBA is not as hard as law school and I believe it to be a joke. Again I want to practice law so Jack24 please stop posting about irrelevant facts involving MBA programs.

Like I said previously I created this thread to see if anyone else was in my similar situation and worked hard enough to transfer to a better law school, because at the end of the day it only matters where you get your JD degree and if I have to attend a TTTT or TTT with the hopes of transferring than that's exactly what I am going to do.

Thank you all for your input. I will update this thread when I hear from more schools in my cycle.

Transferring / Re: Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: February 19, 2013, 06:51:47 PM »

Face it: your numbers suck.  Don't blame it on anything else but your ability to take a standardized test and get good grades.  If you suck at doing this now, you will most likely struggle in law school.  You aren't a special snowflake.  You aren't suddenly going to excel in law school when during undergrad you were merely adequate.  Law isn't your calling, so turn off Law & Order and find something more suitable to your talents and skills. Everyone has a place in life, but this isn't yours.  Law schools are a business, and they see 'sucker' written across your forehead, guaranteed by non-dischargeable loans.  The market is much different, akin to, ahem, real life.  It's all about competition.  The cream rises to the crop.  Those who have connections and went to highly ranked schools are the ones who get the jobs.

I created this thread for indivudals who actually attended a T4 and transfered to a T2, not for someone like you to post rude and uncalled for comments like the above quote. I understand my numbers are low and certainly do not need someone I do not even know to remind me and I am not expecting a hand out as you mentioned above.  Not that this is any of your business but, I am well networked as the majority of my family are attorneys. This is my calling and I am not going to let a standarize test prevent me from attending law school even if that means attending a lower ranked school with the goal of transferring.

Agian, refrain yourself from commemts that you made in my post to others. Nobody needs to be labeled as you labeled me. There is a difference from constructive criticism and rude comments.


Transferring / Re: Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: February 12, 2013, 02:13:31 PM »
Well one thing to realize is that law school and the bar is one big standardized test. When you enroll in law school you will have one final for each class that is it a 3 hour test for your entire Contracts Class and what you do in those 3 hours will be your entire grade for that course. There is usually no midterm, no h.w. assignment, just one 3 hour test, which is essentially standardiezed. Your first year contracts exam for example will generally involve identiyfying whether it is UCC or Common Law Contract, then whether there is an offer or acceptance in the contract and they will combine some nuances like was it a firm offer (bla bla), then there will be an issue of whether or not the contract was formed with consideration, and what remedies the parties had. That is typically the formula for a contracts questions and it is a high pressure standardized test that you need to not miss any issues and do better analysis than the guy or girl next to you. Honestly your law school exams will make the LSAT seem like a piece of cake.

When your done with three years of law school you get to take arguably the hardest standardized test in the world a Bar Exam and if you don't pass this you can't be a lawyer.

Bottom line is I would recommend getting good at standardized tests before enrolling in law school and if your goal is to be an attorney in Connecticut then go to law school there. No guarantee you will do good enough to get into Quinnipac, but you will spend 100 bucks and have your life if you don't get a 155. If you go to Applachian there is realistically you will probably have to be in the top 15-20% of your class to transfer out and there is an 80-85% chance you won't be. Then you will pay 30,000-40,000 and be in Grundy, Virginia for the next two years and if you go to Appalachian that is probably where you will graduate you from.

My post is not meant to knock Applachian it is an ABA school, but it is in a very small town in Virginia and this will probably be a big culture shock to you. If you visit and think it is a good fit for you then great, but it is ALWAYS A BAD IDEA TO GO TO LAW SCHOOL COUNTING ON TRANSFERRING.

Thank you, I appreciate your input. I am visting appalachian in two weeks, they arranged for me to sit in on a 1L Contracts course and tour the law school. At this point if I do not like the school and cannot get in anywhere else, I am going to take a year off, enroll in a different prep course and aim for the high 150's.

From everyone's experience, I have heard that it is difficult to transfer and I feel that it is an awful idea to attend a school that I cannot see myself graduating from with the sole purpose of transferring.

I go to Hofstra as an undergrad and I can assure you that Hofstra Law is in one of the worst buildings on campus. The library is outdated and there's two separate sections in the basement that are NOT connected for whatever reason.

I had a class in my undergrad years that required me to go to the law school and research cases. When I was there I noticed students joking around and making so much noise that I had to leave and read the cases at the undergrad library. It feels like students at Hofstra do not take it seriously and I personally would not want to be around people like that. Also there reputation is not that much better than Touro even though they are ranked in TT.

Me personally would attend Touro or Cuny and try to transfer next year to a better law school like St. John's or  Brooklyn.

This is just my personal opinion about Hofstra Law and if you are not given a  decent scholarship (a lot of students loose after there first year) than DO NOT attend Hofstra Law.

Good Luck!

Transferring / Re: Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: February 09, 2013, 12:00:39 PM »
When you took the LSAT, did you study much beforehand? Or take a prep course?

Yes, I took Kaplan test prep (big mistake) and I was scoring in the 155 range during practice exams. I still do not know what happen on the real thing since I went down ten points. Ive always been bad at standardize tests and thats why I feel it would be a waste to pick up where I left off and retake the exam.

Transferring / Re: Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: February 08, 2013, 07:48:17 PM »
Thanks for your advice. I am touring ASL in March so depending how I feel about the classes and the student body there could be a possibility I would take a year off work and reapply. Something I do not want to do but your right, its beneficial to wait and go somewhere thats going to benefit me than hurt me.

Appreciate all the replies.

Transferring / Re: Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: February 08, 2013, 11:07:43 AM »
Thanks guys, re-taking is not an option since the February exam is tomorrow and it would be a waste to take off a whole year. I applied to St John's through their summer institute program and Seton Hall's leo program.


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