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Well, it looks like there's been a lot more emphasis placed on GPA at Harvard in the past two years than before. Looking at LSN, all the wait list accepts are 3.85+. It's almost as if Harvard is going the way of Stanford with Toby at the admission helm.

I can't say that I'm not a bit annoyed that having a 3.8 will keep me out of Harvard  >:( I really should've worked harder in first year, damnit.


I'm in now! Deposit sent in on Friday, so I guess I'll be making NYC home in a few months!

Had to make sure Columbia got some real Canadian representation. Otherwise, who knows what vile rumors Saja would be spreading about us?  ;)

Kingston is not London.

That being said, it IS a college town, and I can think of few better places to spend 4 years in your early 20s. Can you have more fun in London? Maybe, if you've got tons of money to spend, and enjoy a big-city atmosphere. But that's a personal decision.

As for it taking 7 years to get your Bachelor's and J.D vs 4 for an LLB -- sure. But what's the bloody rush? You're going to be working your butt off once you're a lawyer, you might as well enjoy your freedom while you're young. Not to mention the fact that the OP might change his/her mind about wanting to do law. Plenty of people change their mind about what they want to do in univerity. Some change their mind more than once.

And when it comes right down to it, a British LL.B. is just not the equivalent of a J.D. as far as money-making potential is concerned. Especially if it's not from Oxbridge. Have you looked at what it takes to become a lawyer in England? It's not exactly easy unless you come from one of the top universities.

If the OP intends to practice law in Canada, he's much better off getting a Canadian LL.B than a British LL.B. If he intends to practice internationally, he's better off with a US J.D. Either way, Kings is not the right decision.

For those in the know, how big are the apartment share bedrooms? Can you fit a double bed in there with a desk, or would that be pushing it?

I need some CLS gear to sport the school spirit. Any good sites for that stuff? Or do i have to go to NYC and buy it from the bookstore? (which i hear charges cutthroat prices).

You can order direct from the bookstore on-line, but all I saw was one "Columbia Law" sweatshirt -- most of it is generic Columbia apparel:

Also for generic Columbia apparel (nothing CLS specific), I think Ivysport may have slightly better prices than the above:

And finally, long-long-long-time-semi-obsessive lurker, first time poster, 85% sure CLS 2010!

Love the demotivator avatar.

Oh I'm not sure what the best gear is.  I think the law school is actually woefully underrepresented in terms of bookstore merchandise. 

What I suggest is that somebody (I volunteer demingh or Tom) have t-shirts made and mailed out to everyone here.  ;)

Squirrel under desk are your squirrelrogue or are there two squirrels heading our way?

And 4-1, LDP, what are your outstanding concerns?

Actually, I don't have any concerns at all as far as Columbia is concerned. I just feel like a decision this important should be a little harder to make, and I must confess a less than thorough assessment of my other three options :)

What I'd like to know more about is the housing (as I'm sure several others want to know as well). I'm probably going for an appartment share. Is there a list of buildings in which these are available? I love living with people (house with 6 others right now) so I'm looking for a 4 bedroom share if possible, or at least a 3.  Is there anywhere where you can look up floorplans? I seem to recall stumbling upon such a website before, but I've scowered the Columbia housing website the other day and couldn't find it again.

The one tiny tiny concern I have with Columbia is the biglaw focus. I didn't get a chance to go to either ASW, but as I understand it, they made a big deal out of emphasizing their other strengths. Is it worthwhile going to Columbia if I gag at the thought of corporate law? (I'm sure that could change as I learn more about it, but right now, academia, clerkships, criminal and IP all appeal to me a lot more).

One more exam stands between me and freedom! Once that is done (in 5 hours or so) I can focus on this nasty 'decision' business.

M1 has a point.. going by thread length, Penn >> Columbia > UVA >>>>>>>>>>>>> NYU. At least that narrows it down to three, though!

<Extends toes tentatively, testing the waters>
I think I'm starting to lean seriously towards Columbia. The tipping point might be reached soon. The NYU crowd's complete lack of cohesion and shameful sparseness of their NYU 2010 thread has led me to believe they are not an institution with sufficient 'spirit'.   

Canadian Law Students / Re: Queen's vs. Western vs. Windsor
« on: April 24, 2007, 01:34:41 PM »
No, I haven't had a chance to. And with class ending now, I'm not sure there's much gain in me visiting at this point.

Same boat. Went complete in late January, no interview, haven't heard anything. I wonder if the admission people really meant what they said about a few more people still being admitted. From LSN, I kinda get the picture that everyone from now on is getting either waitlists or rejections... I don't know if I can deal with the false hope this rumor is instilling!

Canadian Law Students / Re: Queen's vs. Western vs. Windsor
« on: April 24, 2007, 12:01:07 PM »
Everyone's really pushing me to go to Columbia. I'm just feel like a decision as big as this deserves to be carefully weighted... but I'm having a hard time coming up with substantial pros for the other three schools.

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