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Black Law Students / What are my chances?.....
« on: November 13, 2011, 11:06:36 PM »
I need some help figuring out where I want to apply and what my chances are. let me know what you guys think. Tell me if i'm being reasonable here. I'm a junior at the university of Michigan. My grades aren't that good..I suspect I will graduate with a 2.9 because I've had that since I got here and Im a junior now and it doesn't budge much. I have never taken the LSAT but I have studied a little for it. I'm currently taking an online class and getting a private tutor in January for the June LSAT. My major is political science with a minor in African American studies. I also have good extracurriculars. LAst summer I also Had a job working with a prominent health insurance company as in intern in their legal department and will be doing that again this summer.

School: University of Michigan
GPA: 2.9
LSAT: hopefully 155-160..
African American Male

I'm thinking about applying to... University of Detroit mercy, Wayne state,Depaul, Loyola,Michigan state college of law and Michigan just for shits. I want to stay in Michigan because I think this is where I want to ultimately practice one day. If not Michigan I was thinking Chicago since it is close. I would appreciate constructive feedback. thanks!

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