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Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: March 12, 2017, 01:46:46 PM »
When I started my journey, taking the California bar exam was my only option, however other opportunities came available during my journey and I was able to take the WA bar exam. One thing for sure the bar exam is doable, hopefully I pass the first time if not I will get it on the second attempt. The UBE is a game changer.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: February 16, 2017, 08:25:50 PM »
Yes, that is in my future plans as well is the QLTS. Also, the DC bar, however, there's been new rule modification to Rule 46.  Also, DC is now a UBE state and I am taking the UBE and plan to transfer in DC through UBE transfer admissions.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: February 15, 2017, 03:01:30 PM »
Online legal education is not for everyone. I went to law school via online in my 40's while working full-time and obtained a foreign law degree and online LLM all in 45 months. It was right for me because I have a career and obligations and incurring 100k plus debt was not an option for me. I had no problems in my journey, I got to keep my six figure career and once I become a lawyer I won't have a problem transitioning over as a General Counsel if I decided to go that route. I never had my sites on working for anyone when I become a lawyer, so my route worked perfectly fine. I had no problems getting a bar ticket and will be taking the bar for the first time and once I pass I will have other jurisdictions available to me.

Online Law Schools / Re: Distance Learning
« on: March 13, 2016, 04:57:17 PM »
If are an even bigger idiot that the burger king worker who made an attempt at it.
You wasted energy and time to change nothing.

LMAFO! - you're funny.  You sound angry and frustrated??  You're entitled to your opinion.  Bottom line is I received two law degrees for 20k and I didn't have to incur any debt to obtain my legal education without any loans and I was able to keep my career and I'm now eligible to sit for a few bar exams in the United States.  Not bad for a burger king worker LOL

Online Law Schools / Re: Distance Learning
« on: March 12, 2016, 01:35:42 PM »
I chose to do the distance learning UK LLB versus distance learning non-aba JD degree because it made the most sense regarding my situation.  I'm over 40 well established in my career, I make over 100k yr, so quitting my job at this stage of my life didn't make sense.  I was able to gain two law degrees in 4 years while maintaining my career and not uproot my family.  The total cost of my legal education was about 20k.  I was able to get tuition assistance through my employer by using my company benefits which reduced my out of pocket cost to less than 10k.  In summary, I was able to keep my career, lifestyle, gain an accredited law degree in England and obtain a US LLM degree from a ABA approved law school.  I have no regrets, I knew fully the pros and cons before I even started my law journey.  I had majority of negative comments from this site even before I started my journey, it didn't stop me, I still came back and posted my progress.  I plan on taking the bar exam in 2017 and eventually take the QLTS to become a English solicitor.  I'll check back in next year.

Online Law Schools / Re: Distance Learning
« on: February 06, 2016, 05:41:18 AM »
Checking back in!  I posted on this site 4 yrs ago when I started my law journey.  I received a lot of comments that it couldn't be done.  Well 4 years later I have a UK LLB and ABA LLM degree.  My foreign law degree has already been evaluated by an agency approved on the Cali Bar examiners list.  The evaluation was a success.  I plan to take the July 2016 or Feb 2017 bar exam.  Best of luck to all pursuing their dreams, keep your eyes on the prize.

Vanceap3 -  I purchased all the required books but used it mainly in a supplemental capacity. NU provides you many resources to succeed, PowerPoint, Online lectures and you can download lecture to iPod which is great to listen while working out, etc. Professors respond promptly to any question, you can schedule a phone call or skype meetings as well.  You also have access to their library database, WesLaw, and Lexus Nexus.  Each class provides a workbook, which basically is another law book, I made sure I knew it from cover to cover.  In terms of books, if you search online like Amazon, you should be able to get used books and stay within 200 -250 per year for books.  Keep in mind you have 8 months to prepare for 1 exam, so realistically you don't have to get the books right away, because you can focus on the workbook and online lectures.  Most of the required books are written by the professor of the class.  Exams are essays and multiple choice. I used the IRAC method in answering the questions, although they called it something else but it was the same concept. You will have plenty of opportunities to submit practice essays for the Professor to critique.

As far as sharia law, NU taught common law principles only.  Good luck to you!

I did the distance learning LLB at a law school located in the UK and I'm now in a LLM program at an ABA law school. I would speak with the Bar Examiners in California they are straight forward on giving you the info. Everything they told me was legit during my journey.  I did the 3 yr route because I didn't want to chance it, in case I had opportunities in the future to get liscensed in other jurisdictions.  Some states just say an accredited first degree and some states like California will require an evaluation.  I'm not sure if the 2 yr would work, so you need to contact the bar examiners.  I had my LLB degree evaluated by an approved agency by the California Bar Examiners and my degree assessment was equivalent to a US JD at an accredited university.

Online Law Schools / Re: 2015 Bar Admissions Requirements
« on: January 24, 2015, 08:03:03 AM »
 ;D  There are a few rule changes this year, particularly Washington State for DL and foreign law graduates.

Online Law Schools / Re: Distance Learning 2015
« on: January 22, 2015, 05:11:03 PM »
Vanceap3 -  you can contact the Admin Team for the  LLB Open Learning program at: [email protected] They will provide you with the necessary information.  The LLB Open Learning program no longer have January start dates, they only have September start dates.   What DL school did you graduate from?  I had no problems getting accepted to an ABA approved LLM program in US Law and I've already had my degree evaluated by a credentialing agency approved by the California Bar Examiners.

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