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If you can find access to the videos (from somebody actually paying for Barbri), then yes, you probably can.  See another post I made about how to do Barbri watching the videos only (never going to class for videos or live lecture) and doing so at night while getting homework done during the day.

Only disadvantage is you won't have somebody doing the analytics on your practice MBE or grading practice essays.  I think the amount of work they actually put into grading these are marginal and you don't get a ton of benefit.  So I think it's totally do-able.

I'm sure you've heard it before, but the best thing Barbri can offer is structure.  If you're confident in your ability to stay on task and structured on your own, you'll be fine. 

Bar Exam Preparation / Re: Bar Bri Exam Schedule Help?
« on: May 26, 2011, 04:27:47 PM »
Here's what I've done - advice I got from successful CA bar passers - with the Barbri classes.  I'm enrolled in video class but don't go.  I do the homework from the night before during the day (while classes are going), then watch the videos at night.  The theory here is this - you're more awake during the day and wanting to get stuff done. 

For me (and many others), after watching videos or live lectures all day, you're tired and don't want to do your own active learning work.  It's very passive learning and easier to do when you're tired.  So if you do the active learning (homework and assignments) during the day, it's much easier to watch the videos at night.  Also helps you get a good night sleep.  Best part is that you get the toughest part of the day (homework/assignments) done first, then, as a reward for getting it done (everything's relative during bar study), you get to relax and just watch the videos at night.

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