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Transferring / Re: T4, law journal, accepted at T2 (Camden)
« on: July 17, 2010, 02:03:35 PM »
Please don't take it personally. I am trying to facilitate as many responses as possible by throwing more information. I asppreciate all the answers I get and consider all the factors. Obviously, I get different opinions from many, iincluding totally opposite opinions. One more thing, though - I am not "she", I am "him". It is funny that I came across as "she", I wonder why:).Anyway, times are very tough now, nothing is guaranteed, but nothing was guaranteed previously either. I spent several years in law firms myself, starting as a legal assistant-paper filer with solo practitioner to a paralegal in a corp law firm (small-to-midsize). I just hope that it will give me a better shot at employment upon graduation. On the other hand, if economy sucks so bad that all that is irrelevant - then nothing else pretty much matters.

Transferring / Re: T4, law journal, accepted at T2 (Camden)
« on: July 16, 2010, 11:33:57 AM »
Thank you for all the answers. Big Law is not for everyone. I already used to work in law firms before and there are pros and cons to every type of firm. 140K by itself sounds pretty bad. However, 140K debt after not well known T4, or 170-175K ater decent T2 in one of major legal markets, that is the issue. About government - I have credentials to get hired. I could even get hired for certain jobs in gov that pay 60-80K to start because of that. However, those are not necessarily attorney positions and I have 2 more years to think about it. I agree that gov job is not about money - it is about contacts, experience and benefits. Big Law will make you do research for 2-3 years before you talk to client. Government attorneys do more staff way sooner.  It is never easy to get a decent job, that's why I posted a question about opinioins on:  What would you do in my situation? By the way, this board is generally more pessimistic than another board, where I posted similar question. Just an observation.

Transferring / Re: T4, law journal, accepted at T2 (Camden)
« on: July 15, 2010, 11:06:31 AM »
Why Big Law? I can settle for a decent mid-size firm or a boutique.  I would have 170-175K debt if I graduate from Camden, and 140-145K debt if I graduate from my current school (I have loans from my previous education).  After Camden, my payments will be close to 1000$, after my current school, about 750$. With extended payment plan, I would need to make min of 70K after Camden or min of 60K after my current school. I am not sure if there is such a huge difference in terms of costs at this point. If I get an interesting position in the government, which is a possibility due to my background, I can choose to deffer my payments or get my debt eliminated after 10 years of service. Any thoughts?

Transferring / T4, law journal, accepted at T2 (Camden)
« on: July 14, 2010, 11:11:14 AM »
T4, law journal, accepted at T2

Hi, looking for educated opinions. I am at T4 school in a small town.
Decent grades but I am not in the top of my class. Got onto law journal right after I was accepted as transfer student at Camden (I have good work experience).
Pros: So, I am not in the top of the class but got on the Law Journal, have good relationship with professors, it is inexpensive to live in the area,
tuition costs are 30%-40% less than Camden.
Generally, current T4 school has nice environment, plenty of recreational opportunities in the area, etc.
Cons: T4, not near any major legal market where I want to practice, in fact, not near any major legal market at all, not really known school,
few to none opportunities for p/t paying jobs during school and definitely very little opportunities here after graduation.

I have an option to compete for Camden law journals in the fall.

My goals: practice in major city, probably with a firm or a government in DC, Phily or such, because I have foreign language skills and work experience.
Chicago or SF were other options but I have not heard from those similar ranking schools there (USF, DePaul)

Any ideas or related comments about Camden besides the fact that it is a commuter school?

Transferring / Re: Need opinion on my chances of transfer
« on: May 31, 2010, 07:36:37 PM »
I guess that I never thought of it that way. I just noticed a lot more schools waiving their application fees and figured that was due to a lack of regular applicants.

Thats because they want top quality students to apply with such small enticement. I mean, they figure, since student has all paperwork ready anyway, let him apply here as well. Then they will charge over the top for tuition They want a larger pool to select from, in order to get more suitable students. Thats what I think they do.

Transferring / Re: Need opinion on my chances of transfer
« on: May 31, 2010, 07:27:26 PM »
Well, to be honest, in some classes I have not analyzed most of the opinions  and have not read a whole number of them, but I had my method of study and I did pretty good. Instead, I worked in my 1L and took care of my business and networked. In fact, I did poorly in those classes where I tried to do absolutelly everyting what professor required - read and briefed all cases, read every casebook assignment. It just did not prove useful. In fact, on exam I realized that 90% of what I read was pretty much uselles waste of time, because many of my fellow students, including top students, do not even remember those cases, just may be have general idea of what tthey are about. There are casenotes for that. There are study aids for rules. I was amazed when I saw a top student hiding in the corner of the library with study aid. When I said  hi and asked what she was reading, she looked kind of guilty and said "It is really good, you know...". She has been reading that all along with cases, but she can read very fast. Next year I am totally going to rely on my own study methods and techniques.

Transferring / Re: Need opinion on my chances of transfer
« on: May 29, 2010, 06:53:50 PM »
I think it is harder to transfer in this economy because it is harder to get to the top of the class.

Transferring / Re: Need opinion on my chances of transfer
« on: May 29, 2010, 03:19:52 PM »
Because of the economy we got some extremely smart students who did not think about law school couple of years ago. If one reads 30 pages of legal opinion text in 1 hour in the first year of law school, and then can basically recite every page and do the analysis in the head while reading that first time, how can I compete with that?:) They are my friends though and I love them, but if I applied even two years ago, things could be different.

Transferring / Re: Need opinion on my chances of transfer
« on: May 28, 2010, 12:57:04 PM »

Check with each school you think to transfer to. Also, make up a list of questions you have (most important ones) and email admissions of the schools where you want to transfer too. Also, totally agree with other posters - it is VERY unlikelly to get into top 10% in law school. I was in top 5% in some of my undegrad classes, and totally blew first semester at law school. While my second semester grades are better now - it will not help too much this year anyway because of plain statistics. Law school exams are a a gamble/lottery. All depends on each professor, your typing speed, how fast you think. I am very, very strong at analysis, nevertheless I type slow and it affected my grades as well. Plus, there are tricks that wroked for me this year, and they have nothing to do with how intelligent you are, more with how smart you are. Go to school which you will be happy to graduate from. If not, get as much internship/extenrship experience as possible, experience matters almost as much as grades in the long run.

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