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Online Law Schools / Re: Concord or NWCUL
« on: October 21, 2009, 02:53:35 PM »
You were warned. You ignored that warning.


Your proposed petition might work for one online law school, namely the California School of Law. This School provides live, virtual, online classrooms, in which the faculty and students interact verbally with each other, in “real time,” just as if they were physically in the same room.

Apparently due to its use of live, interactive, “real time” classes and use of the Socratic Method, those students at the California School of Law who took the June 2009 “baby bar,” who had taken the school’s now-required pre-admission legal method course and who took the School’s recommended but non-mandatory review course designed to prepare students for the baby bar, had a 100 % passage rate. For a detailed statistical presentation and analysis of  baby bar results for students at the California School of Law, as well as the passage rates at other online law schools, go to Wikipedia: Distance Learning Law Schools. Go also to

« on: October 21, 2009, 02:05:16 PM »
I am very concerned about your apparent plan to attend the Taft Law School. There are several reasons for my concern, including:
        (1) Your initial posting says that you want to go to an online law school. Taft, however, despite its advertising indicating that it is an online school, is categorized by the California State Bar as a "correspondence" law school, which according to the State Bar means that Taft conducts its instruction "primarily by correspondence" rather than "primarily by technological means, as is the case for the schools categorized by the Bar as being "distance learning," ." As you apparently are aware, there is a big difference between the "self study" programs at correspondence schools and the pedagogy at online schools.
        (2) Students at The Taft Law School have a terrible record on the California First Year Students Exam ("baby bar"),  which all students at correspondence and online schools must pass before being allowed to continue in a law school program leading to taking the final bar exam and becoming licensed. For example, in October 2008, of the 35 Taft students who took the baby bar, only six (17.1%) passed. To make matters worse and for another example, the Taft students' passage rate on the final bar exam in July 2008 was barely above 25% (4 out of 15). So, you can see that your chances, at the time you enter Taft, of getting admitted to the bar are less than 10%, and that is without taking attrition into account.
The one online law school that utilizes the traditional Socratic Method in its teaching is the California School of Law. Apparently as a result of its truly interactive technology, this School has promising "baby bar" results.For the statistical details on this, as well as this school's use of the traditional Socratic Method of law school instruction, go to "Wiklipedia: Correspondence and Online Law Schools." Go also to ""

We do not tolerate shills here. This is your first and only warning.

-Nealric, Moderator

Online Law Schools / Re: online criminal law LL.M.
« on: October 21, 2009, 08:44:54 AM »
Anyone know about any online criminal law LL.M.'s?

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