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Agreed, [email protected] knows what's truly important to a DL student.

Online Law Schools / Re: C'mon....
« on: June 16, 2006, 08:30:26 PM »
For those of us who aren't in the percentile that can afford the time and $$$ to attend an ABA LS (time is most likely the greatest factor), YES, DL is a viable avenue to pursue a law degree. 

Career development and self improvement may be the main purpose of DL learning.  We may not WANT to become a practicing attorney.  We may already have career paths in which a non-ABA JD degree can only assist in our journey.  There are those who say, "Aren't you all just wasting your time & $$$?", and the answer is most certainly...NO.  To interject that blanket statement with the assumption that it covers everyone in every situation is completly asinine.

I agree with [email protected] & GovLaw in that everyone embarks on this journey for different reasons, but without truly knowing the reasons behind the decision the quoted blanket statement cannot be true. 


Online Law Schools / Re: making online Law schools ABA is a bad thing
« on: June 09, 2006, 09:05:55 PM »
Just my two cents, but if one takes a step back to view this debate as an analogous argument, wouldn't one see that the refusal of the ABA to grant accreditation to Online law schools is the same as a CO-OP Board refusing to admit a potential tenant/buyer?  Both are exercising their right to discriminate (which in either scenario is perfectly legal), but are they acting in the best interest of themselves with regards to survival of the entity?

25 years ago did anyone really think that we would be able to "post" comments on something called the Internet?  Maybe so, maybe not; regardless, Online law schools are here.  So is it time for the ABA have a serious discussion about its policies regarding the accreditation?  Why not, it currenlty approves of some Online courses provided through B&M LS, and I suppose the ABA can just excersise its right to just not listen.

Whatever the outcome of the debate will be, it probably will not be decided for some time to come.  But in the meantime, we'll condinue to debate, go to school, and live big.

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