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Job Search / What should i do?
« on: March 28, 2006, 08:35:55 PM »
I want to get into medium law in Denver.

Currently, my choices are in terms of law schools:

Wyoming(T4-admitted)  Denver(#70-jury still out)

The question is, for what I want to do, what type of class rank do I need to achieve? Would clerkship or an LLM help if I can get one if I cannot get into the type of firm I want to at first?

Current Law Students / What do grades usually mean?
« on: March 27, 2006, 09:17:38 PM »
For example, in my undergrad:

A- Well done.(the prof was impressed)
B- Adequate.(the prof thought the job was done)
C- Unprofessional (the prof was dissappointed, but the work is done)
D- Incomplete in terms of objectives
F- Missed the objectives completely

Is this what the average(low, but regular 2T to regular 3T) LS exam grade really means? Basically, that an A means they were blown away, a B means that they were satisfied and not impressed and C means that they were dissappointed while a D or F means that you really f**cked up?

I think the low 50s is, but there are those who think that is greedy and there are those who claim that $53,000.00 a year is insulting for a new attorney, if not humiliating. I would consider $100,000 greedy, $49,000 insulting and $38,000 humiliating.

General Off-Topic Board / When do you start law school EXACTLY?
« on: August 08, 2006, 09:38:25 AM »
I start at 8:15 AM on Tuesday 15. I couldn't find a job, but I know I can get in the top 40% so I can go to Denva.

General Off-Topic Board / Santorum
« on: August 08, 2006, 09:32:30 AM »   :D :D :D

Can I just call him Poopoo Peepee?

Well, what do you think I could get realistically?

General Off-Topic Board / me out again.
« on: July 17, 2006, 10:52:47 PM »
Ok, I think I have an idea of what to do.

I think I will search for a university office staff job that pays over 25K or a paralegal position (not a lot, but if Jess brings in 15K b4 BS and 25K after- thats 40-50 K, which is lower middle class for exurbia- I can live more than basic, but not quite comfortable and still be able to afford the LSAT tutoring) while waiting to start law school. If I don't get a job, I will go to Law school, if I do, I will wait a year or two and wait to re-take the LSAT test to get into a REAL school i.e. a school you don't have to scrap to get a REAL law job (though my definition is relitively big small law or medium law within 100 miles of the school). So I have three questions:

Realistic LSAT re-take score- I barely managed the upper 150s after an autumn and winter of practice with 20 old tests in 3 books. I practiced maybe 5 hours a week. However, I do have some attention issues, and my psychiatrist dragged his feet on producing test accomodations, so I went without. Also, I heard there are great tutoring or class oppurtunites that I would be willing to pay several thousand dollars for. I saw that a about a third of those with my score broke 160 and that the standard deviation for retakers with my score was 161. Is 162 realistic? What about 165? The schools I am hopeful to apply to are based on the scores of 162/3.3.

Also, I haven't studied the LSAT since Febuary 2005. Would a few months of intensive studying get me ready for the score I want if it is doable? (I plan to start in September and take in December and apply during christmas). If not, should I wait another year?

Finally, here is a list of schools I have come up with-

Boulder- low T1, my dream school.

Denver- this year's reach. rejected my ass, I hope I can get my revenge next year. High T2.
Both Colorado schools seem in reach with modest LSAT improvement and family lives near by.

Seattle- low T2, but its in a great area and probably was already doable.

San Diego- High T2, in a great area

Case Western- Low T1/High T2- school in an exciting area for me with family

Temple- High T2- far away, but it seems to be a nice school.

Wake Forest- Higher T1, OK area, but I have family in the area. Don't know if I would want to stay though, I figure Wake Forest could carry me into the DC-Baltimore area.

Florida- higher T1, good area, would take some convincing to go back to Florida, though. I would like to stay there though.

American- Low T1, good area near family.

U Conn- Not near family, a low T1, but in a very family oriented place in the encompiopolis that is the east coast, America's Courasaunt if you will.

The question is, is this a good list at 162/3.3?

Though, my goal still is to go to law school in a few weeks, I really want your input on this detour if good tidings come my way.

General Off-Topic Board / WTF?
« on: July 15, 2006, 01:00:50 PM »
The cat just got on my computer. Does that even happen to you?

General Off-Topic Board / What will material science be like in 2052?
« on: July 14, 2006, 01:46:37 PM »
In terms of space travel, air travel, health care, power production, food production and computer intellegence?

General Off-Topic Board / Oh me out!
« on: July 14, 2006, 11:18:15 AM »
Well, apparently I have two choices.

Option 1: Stay the Course. My wife will be paid about 10,000 a year in a $6/hr 30 week job and I will get about 300 dollars a month in SSI. This is about 13,000 a year plus 10,000 of my loan will go to living expenses. That's 23,000 a year to support a wife, kid, 3 cats and a weasel during the first year of law school. My rent $585, all utilities are about $300 and food is about 500 a month. After this first year, I could go find an internship or a paralegal position getting paid about 15 a year.

Option 2: defer a year, take the LSAT over again to try to get into Boulder or Denver. Find a 25 or 30 a year job in paralegal while wife finishes her BS. Then, she will have a 25 a year job, but may be harder to get a grant or loan with a less strained financial situation. However, if I were to succeed and get into the mid 160s on my LSAT, tuition may double or quadrople.

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