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ANd if so, when did you hear?  Apply?  And your numbers if you don't mind?


I have a 3.76 ugpa and a 3.85 graduate gpa—and then I went ahead and took the LSAT in October and canceled.  Then I took it again in December and got a 155.  I have 3 great LORs and I wrote a strong personal statement.  Basically, my LSAT score is killing me. 

I would like to write an addendum to explain that I have never been a great test taker.  Can I just say this?  Or should I put down my actual previous standardized test scores?  I got a 1220 on the SAT and my scores on the GRE were 610 math, 620 verbal, and 670 analytical.  While I don’t think this makes me a terrible test taker (just average)—I do think it shows that twice, in undergrad and grad school, I have performed much better than the tests predicted.  Should I write that in my addendum? 

Also, second question—I took a year off between undergrad and grad and I did not mention what I did during this time.  Should I write another addendum to explain this?  I had a 4 month trip through Asia planned, but when 9/11 happened the day before I was supposed to leave, I canceled.  Then In TAed for an undergrad class, went to Montana during the winter to work and ski, then came back to apply to grad school and worked and saved money.  Is it possible to overwhelm ad comms with addendums?  I really appreciate anyone’s help.  Thanks.

I would like to go to the UNiversity of San Francisco night program.  I have a 3.76 from UC Santa Barbara in psychology and a MA in Asian Studies (3.85 gpa) from the University of Hawaii.  I would like to study international law.  I have very good LORs and a good PS.  But I got a 155 on my LSAT.  Mutha$#%%^.  Is anyone aware of my chances for Univ. of San Fran.?  Also, I have performed average or slightly subpar on both the SAT and GRE--but have always been to perform really well in school anyways.  I have read some posts already about addendums--and Im not sure if I should write one.  I can demonstrate that twice--standardized tests were unable to predict my level of success at the college and graduate level.  Both my mother and my brother have learning disabilities, but I have never been tested (although, I know I might very well be reaching at that point).  Does anyone think I should write an addendum?

ALso, an interesting note for everyone--my girlfriend is a PhD student at Berkeley and she is working on a project with LSAC and a ton of law professors, ad coms, and lawyers about how to improve the LSAT's ability to predict whether a participant will make a good lawyer.  She has told me that most of the people in the project agree that the LSAT is NOT a good mechanism for predicting who will make a good lawyer, but rather, it is good at predicting who will do well their first year in law school.  Anyways, along with so many others on this board who are great applicants in every other category but the LSAT, I guess I have been wrestling with my poor score and doubts about my abilities.  Frankly, the LSAT pisses me off and I happen to believe I could easily hang with most students at Stanford and Harvard and whatever--but what can I say--I got a 155.  Maybe Im just being a biatch, but I don't think that is right. Thanks.

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