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The subject of pre-law prep books has been discussed already, but I'd like to know what everyone thinks about the books they've read, and which ones were the most helpful.

Also, I remember reading about a pre-law prep course where you get an overview of the first year's courses and what to expect.  Anyone remember the name?

I enjoyed Law School Confidential.  I found it to be pretty helpful, although I was a bit down for a couple days after reading it.  I haven't read Planet Law School yet.  How was it?

Any other good books?

If you are in this situation, then what sort of thoughts are going through your mind?

And how are you coping with the idea of possibly not attending your dream school, and going to Widener after all?

The deposit date is May 1st, and it is about $400 from what I remember.  I figured that this thread would be a good way to get some thoughts out and see the pros and cons of making this move in our lives.

I figured that it would be good to have a thread going on deposit dates for various schools.  I am also wondering about what dates Villanova and William & Mary have set.  Let's put the schools and dates in bold so that they are easy to find.  I'll start with one that I know of...

Widener  5/1

Choosing the Right Law School / Nicest/Meanest Admissions Offices
« on: January 31, 2005, 12:26:44 PM »
Throughout your conversations with admissions offices (via email or phone) which ones would you rank as the best and worst.  You can comment one whether or not you think they are organized or sloppy, kind or cruel, indifferent or involved, etc. 

I've found that Temple is really nice and professional, Widener is a freaking mess, and Hofstra has this chick who talks so fast and monotone that it is difficult to hear what she is saying.

Law School Admissions / Grants AND Loans in Law school?
« on: January 24, 2005, 08:39:34 PM »

I know that for undergrads, the schools and gov't seek to offer an aid package comprised of loans, grants, and (possibly) work study.  Do law students also qualify for packages including certain grants (federal or school based, i.e. Pell, etc.), or do law students only get loans?

General Off-Topic Board / Tsunami-Relief Efforts: RESONANCE Clothing
« on: January 08, 2005, 02:38:06 PM »
I've always been interested when socially-conscious companies reach out to the collegiate community in unique ways.  A good friend passed on to me some info on this company called RESONANCE, and they appear to be a group of college students who run a clothing company in Los Angeles. 

They have a tsunami-relief effort underway where they are selling specially-designed t-shirts and donating all of the proceeds to a humanitarian organization.

They also have some other cool designs as well for their other shirts.  The one I thought was really cool was the one with Martin Luther King, Jr.'s face, and if you look really closely his picture is actually created with the words of the "I have a dream" speech. 

Here is the link to that shirt:

And here is the link to their website:

Has anyone else seen any unique ways that people and companies are helping the victims of the tsunami?

General Off-Topic Board / Orange Bowl Halftime Show
« on: January 05, 2005, 01:36:42 AM »
I really enjoyed the football game, but did anyone watch the halftime show?  My God, it was absolutely terrible.  Did I actually hear the crowd booing, or was that just my TV?

The lineup included Kelly Clarkson from American Idol and Ashley Simpson (sadly, she wasn't lip-syncing this time).  It seemed that there was some sort of problem with the singers' earpieces, and they couldn't hear themselves.  However, I've also heard Kelly sing out of tune on American Idol, and on one of her night-show appearances.  A plus side is that they premiered U2's new video.  It was really good.

Ashley Simpson was just absolutely, flat-out terrible, and she should never be allowed to sing publically again.  I mean, I cannot think of a worse performance that I've ever seen.  I now look forward to the youth choir presentation at church, or the homeless many who sings while he walks around town.  These spectacles now seem beautiful to me because I have seen Ashley Simpson sink to a whole new low. 

What did you all think?

Choosing the Right Law School / Chapman Law School
« on: December 29, 2004, 03:58:11 AM »
A good friend of mine is considering Chapman and asked me for advice.  I really don't know too much about the school though.  Is anyone out there applying to and/or visited the school?  Is it a good law school?  I heard that they lost their ABA status, but I told him that I might be mixing that info up with another law school in the area (western?).

Choosing the Right Law School / American U. off the list at LSAC?
« on: December 13, 2004, 07:33:40 PM »
I applied to American University, and as of last week my LSDAS report had not been ordered.  I checked my electronic-file status on the LSAC website tonight, and American is now off my list?

Has this happened to anyone else?

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / He thought I was a racist!
« on: December 12, 2004, 03:20:43 PM »
Ok, so I'd like to hear your thoughts on this..

Every weekend or so I like to walk over to the local video store and rent a movie.  I don't live in a very affluent area, so there are usually at least two homeless people over there in front of the store, and there are always people in the parking lot selling things.

So, this past friday I went over there with my girl, and she was a couple steps in front of me.  This guy starts walking toward her and he says "Hey!  I want to ask you somethin'"

I immediately turn to the guy, he sees me, and I just frankly (and politely) tell him "NO, we are not interested."  He was a cleanly-dressed, african american guy in his 30's.

Then, the guy tells me "You think that just because I look like a homeless person means that I am asking your for money!" 

I said, "No, sir, it is just that whenever I come here there are always people out here approaching me for money or trying to sell me something." 

He says, "Whatever man, you just think that because I'm black I am automatically trying to sell you something.  You're making up all of this stuff up about homeless people out here."

At that point, a homeless guy (an old white man) comes up to us and asks us for money.  The man who had just finished berating me becomes visibly embarrassed and says, "Whatever man, I was just wondering how to get to the Main Street."  My girl and I immediately pointed him in the correct direction, but he just walked off.

I was really bothered by the fact that he thought I was a racist.  I mean, it didn't even register to me that he was an african american and therefore selling me something.  In fact, there are never any african americans out there asking for money.  The people are either latino or white (mostly).  If someone approaches me in that parking lot and doesn't immediately say "I need directions", but instead, "Hey!  I want to ask you something", then I'm going to register that they want money.

I never carry money over there anyway because I have a debit card with my picture on it and it is much easier to pay and show my ID that way.

Why did this guy think that I was a racist?  What if I were black and told him the same thing?  Just because I am white, am I automatically a racist because I refused to acknowledge him?  I'm just wondering how and why a person would think that way about me. 

Everyone faces rejection, but if someone told me when I was young that the reason I face rejection is because of the color of my skin the I wonder how I would look at life from that point on.  As I faced the same sort of rejection that others faced, but interpreted it differently as race-based rejection, then I think that I might begin to live a very angry and pessimistic life.  I began to think that common rejection being interpreted as racist can be a very dangerous perspective since it will inevitably lead to a perpetuation on the part of URMs that racism is still alive and well when in fact it could very well be dying away. 

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