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hello all
please, if anyone has any input, please do help. my name is daniel, and my girlfriend is trying to get into law school. we are trying to get her personal statement far, it reads like a "what i did last summer" report, which i have found most of the web to frown on. i told her not to include info such as: where she went to school, what she took, what she got from there...what her job is, what qualities she needs at the job, and what she got from there...her volunteer stuff, what she got from there...this is why she is a good candidate...blah, blah blah...
anyways, PLEASE, if anyone has any suggestions. i feel she should write about one or two specific experiences, (life and travel, for instance) and what she learned from that. how she immigrated over from sri lanka, a civil war torn country. how her grandparents died just days apart from another as they could not live without each other...something of that respect...not i went to u of t, i got these qualities...i have a job here that requires these qualities...i volunteer here and have these qualities...jeesh, doesnt' everyone????
please help????

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