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Law School Admissions / Got questions? 1L Rutgers
« on: January 20, 2009, 08:13:10 PM »
I have some free time and thought I'd answer any questions any of you may have about law school, misconceptions of 0L's etc...  ask away--

Hello everyone.  After a long hiatus from the forums i'm back.

As an international student I would really value all of your opinions.

I was admitted to Penn State with 8k/year and Rutgers-N with 6k/year.  Assuming I am able to keep the scholarships throughout law school (PS requires top 1/2, RN requires 3.0) which do you think I should choose? 

I was also waitlisted at Temple University and should I be accepted there I would go there even without a scholarship because of their trial advocacy program which is what I want to get into. 

Assuming I don't make it into Temple, which of the two schools above should I choose?  Please give me at least some reason why you made your choice :)



Law School Admissions / Chances for Temple? Opinions appreciated!
« on: March 17, 2008, 02:40:13 PM »
Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to this but so far have found this site to be very interesting and informative.

I have a 3.19 GPA and a 161 LSAT.  I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on whether I'd be able to get into Temple University in Philly. 

My major concern is that I applied VERY late in the cycle (Feb 29) and was told my decision would be in the mail in late April. 

My other concern is that I've been accepted to University of Miami and will go if I don't get into Temple but would rather go to Temple.  However Miami's deposit is due in mid-April.  Anyone know what I should do?  Should I just send in my deposit to Miami and if I get into Temple just forget about the 300 dollar deposit?

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