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Any ideas? What did you do?

Should I? Really? LSAT 165 (one time), LSAC GPA 3.83, Male, Two undergrad majors, Finishing up Master's in Philosophy (I have a TA'ship), Interested in working on their revamped Journal of Intl. Law, A few extracurriculars (including a brief stint as the editor of the undergrad school's student publication), Part-time and summer jobs throughout undergrad - including washing dishes and bussing tables - and a brief stint as a travel counselor for American Express Business Travel, English ain't my first language, very good to excellent recs from two grad professors and one undergrad professor (all of them tenured, graying men), I am not an American citizen and neither am I a permanent resident - as such, I am not considered technically an URM (although I am not Caucasian) so I don't think T14 schools would be keen on having me if it entails over $40K in grants (over three years).

The last part is what bothers me. I won't be eligible for federal loans. So *some* school grants are a must. In the wild event that I do get in UPenn ED, i.e. if I apply ED to begin with, what are the chances that they will hand out money to someone like me? My credit score (and history) is excellent but private loans all the way? Nyaah, right?

I absolutely love UPenn and that part of Philly. East Coast would be convenient for me in many respects. I am dead set on UPenn. But then finances are a huge hurdle. I would probably go with $60K at Vandy (or >$90K at, say, Emory) over no $$ at UPenn (just a counterfactual here, not getting ahead of myself). So should I just forget about ED and go regular at UPenn? Fill the Why UPenn piece with lots of love and leave it at that? It's a long shot for me anyway, right?

Thanks. In advance. You folks are the best.

"I love America. America will make my fortune. And I will raise my daughter-to-be in the American Fashion. I will give her freedom..."

Law School Admissions / A million dollar RESUME question
« on: October 14, 2008, 09:55:16 PM »
OK, this probably will be the final million-dollar question. This question has two parts:

1) Many of the websites offering unsolicited advice on writing resumes for law schools seem to be adamant about a 1-page resume. But many law schools expressly say 1-2 pages resume. Some of the websites I looked up recommends manipulating the font size (but not go below 10 points) and the margins (but not go below 0.5 inches). I can fit my stuff under a page if I do 11 point and 0.5 inches. Is this OK, even though it means that it won't be the same as my essays (which are, so far, 1 inches and 11 point)? Are resumes an exception to a standardized formatting (cf. "A million dollar Optional Essays question" thread)?

2) Also, these websites recommend going with either Times New Roman or Arial. What do you guys have to say about fonts? Any other professional-looking fonts OK? I am partial myself to Garamond but do these websites have a point?

These are neurotic questions, for sure, but what the hell. Y'all prolly understand what I am going through.

Law School Admissions / A million dollar Optional Essay question
« on: October 13, 2008, 08:21:21 PM »
Many of these *optional* essays are to be not more than one page, double spaced. I need a bit more for almost all of them, going by the one I have written so far. So my million dollar question is this: Is it ok to change the margins to, say, 0.5 inches? Is this frowned upon? I can just manage to finish my essay when I have the margins as such. I am planning to attach the essays (and the resume, for that matter) in .pdf. Btw, is it even possible to attach the files in pdf? As you can see, I am a novice here (Oct 4 LSAT). This is sad.
Veterans, any suggestions?

Law School Admissions / A million dollar LOR question
« on: October 08, 2008, 08:07:02 PM »
I am planning on having 3 general LOR's on file. However, the thing is that I prefer two of them over the third one. Some of the schools that I am interested in seem to accept only 2 LOR's. And I don't know for sure whether the two that I prefer would make it in before the third one does (none of them are yet on their way - all should be in by the end of October, though, for an all-out November applications submissions fest-frenzy). Now my question is this: In the event that one of my preferred LOR's gets in last, can I just temporarily make the one that I'd rather not go with Inactive when applying to schools that only take 2 LOR's? And then, when applying to others that accept more, change its status to General?

Does this question even make sense?

I do have some dead-tree books, including the Next 10 LSAT and PR's Cracking the LSAT that I am working on.  That said, my question is this: should I buy the dead-tree The Official LSAT SuperPrep or just go with the online ItemWise? The LSAC website says that "the PrepTest and explanations in LSAT ItemWise were previously used in The Official LSAT PrepTest with Explanations book." So, which will be a better buy?  Anyone here tried ItemWise? Your thoughts/suggestions/rants will be much appreciated.  ???

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