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Choosing the Right Law School / 2009 Specialty Rankings
« on: March 26, 2008, 12:45:54 PM »
1. Georgetown
2. American
3. NYU
4. CUNY-Queens College
5. U of New Mexico
6. Wash U in St Louis
7. Yale
8. U of Maryland
9. U of Michigan
10. Fordham

Dispute Resolution
1. Pepperdine University
2. Harvard
   U of Missouri Columbia
4. Hamline
5. Ohio State University
6. Marquette
7. U of Oregon
8. Yeshiva (Cardozo)
10 Fordham

Environmental Law
1. Lewis & Clark College
2. Vermont
3. Pace
4. Georgetown
5. Duke
6. U of Colorado Boulder
7. Stanford University
8. U of Maryland
9. U of Oregon
10. Florida State

Health Law
1. St Louis
2. U of Houston
3. U of Maryland
4. Case Western
   Seton Hall
6. Loyola - Chicago
7. Boston U
8. Georgetown
9. Widener
10. Georgia State

Intellectual Property Law
1. U of Cal Berkley
2. Stanford
3. George Washington
4. Columbia
5. Franklin Pierce Law Center
6. Duke
7. U of Houston
8. Santa Clara
9. Boston U
10. Chicago-Kent (Ill. Inst. of Tech)

International Law
1. NYU
2. Columbia
3. Harvard
4. Georgetown
5. American
7. U of Michigan
8. George Washington
9. U of Cal- Berkeley
10. U of Virginia

Legal Writing
1. Mercer
2. Seattle
4. Temple
5. John Marshall School of law
6. Stetson
7. Boston college
8. Northwestern
9. Brooklyn Law
10. U of Oregon

Tax Law
1. NYU
2. U of Florida
3. Georgetown
4. Northwestern
6. Harvard
   U of Miami
8. Boston U
9. U of Virginia
10. U of Michigan
    U of Texas

Trial Advocacy
1. Stetson
2. Temple
3. Northwestern
4. Washington U in St Louis
5. Georgetown
6. Loyola Marymount
   South Texas college of law
8. Baylor
9. American
   U of Texas

If anyone wants to know a specific T3 or T4 school I can let you know where they rank.   

Discuss and enjoy

Law School Admissions / Waitlisted at Illinois???? Really????
« on: March 24, 2008, 06:13:16 PM »
I applied there because they gave me a fee waiver and I really have been excepted to better schools so it really doesn't matter but REALLY??? WAITLISTED???

I'm pretty much at their 75th percentile when it comes to LSAT and a 4.00 is about as high as it gets with GPA so I'm not really sure why I was waitlisted but it's ok I'm going to be going to Emory or UVA!!!! IT's UIUC's loss!

I never thought I would have this problem.  I will be headed to UVA ASW next friday and Emory's ASW the following weekend.

I need advice cause I don't know what I'm going to do now!!!!

Law School Admissions / Cornell is starting to get under my skin...
« on: March 03, 2008, 10:21:21 AM »
So I have been complete at Cornell for a couple of weeks.  Then last Wednesday I received an e-mail from Cornell Admissions saying that they only have one letter of recommendation for me even though they had pulled both from LSDAS.

For my two LoR's I have one from a former professor who taught me in 3 courses and one from Dean Bell (Dean of the School of Business whom I also had as a professor.)

As far as my Deans Certificate, the registrar forwarded the Deans Cert to Dean Bell to complete and he did so and sent it in.  Cornell accepted it and everything is fine there.

Through further correspondence with the cornell admissions rep, she told me that the person that does the Deans Cert cannot be the same person as one of your "faculty LoR's" and that I should get another LOR from a professor who taught me while I was in school.  When I asked how did it go complete she said that they didn't look at the names on the documents thy just saw 2 LoR's and a Deans Cert...

Is this in writing anywhere?  If it is I can't find it..  Is this normal protocol or did I just run into a stickler admission rep? 

Choosing the Right Law School / UVA Interview Help!!!!
« on: February 22, 2008, 03:36:51 PM »
I just received an e-mail from UVA asking for a phone interview early next week!!  First of all I am ecstatic that I didn't go directly into the reject pile.

I'm decent at interviews but not great because I have an introverted personality.  Anyone have any ideas of what types of questions they are going to ask or what to expect during the interview.  Any tips???

Back in Dec I took the LSat for the first (and only) time.  Two days before I took the LSAT I met with two of my former professors to secure my letters of recomendation.  The first professor, the Dean of the school of business, completed it had it sent in two days.  The second professor finally sent his in on Jan 9th and Lsac processed it on the 18th. 

I submitted all of my apps on the 18th of January.

I'd like to know some opinions of if I still have a good chance at these schools.  I have a 4.0 GPA and a 166 LSAT decent soft factors

UVA - I'm a Virginia resident
Minn Twin Cities
Notre Dame

Any other schools I should consider??

Choosing the Right Law School / I need help with my list 4.0 GPA 166 LSAT
« on: November 02, 2007, 11:05:26 AM »
Ok, Here is my story.

I was home schooled my whole life and "self taught" home schooled from 7th grade through high school.  I graduated high school with a 4.0 at age 16.

I graduated with a 4.0 UGPA at Liberty University majoring in business.  I graduated in three years.

My Practice LSAT's have been 165-167.  I will take the December test.

I have worked with the following charities
Orphan Helpers - I took three trips to El Salvador to help orphans
Tutored at an elementary school for 3 year during college
Currently I am on the committee for the American Cancer Society Annual Golf Tournament
I am volunteer at Stand Up For Kids - Works with homeless and street children

I am a married white female no kids.

Here is my list...

1. UVA
2. Penn
3. Duke

1. Vanderbilt
2. Cornell
3. UNC

1. U of Tennessee
2. U of Kentucky

Shoot me in the head if they don't take me
1. Liberty University (New law school, has provisional approval from ABA) The deadline for LU is 6/1 so for some God-awful reason I get rejected from everywhere else I can fall back on my alma mater.

Now, This is my question am I shooting to low or to high?  Am I about right?  There is a reason there are no Northeastern schools (except Cornell and Penn) and no mid-west or west coast schools.  I would like to stay primarily in the southeast.  Also a secondary question, should I put UVA in my realistic schools because I am a VA resident? (70% of the incoming class is reserved for VA residents) 

Please let me know!!!!!!

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