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Current Law Students / Transfer from Tulane to GULC - Worth $60k?
« on: July 19, 2009, 06:22:25 PM »
Ok, so I write for - a website where we (myself and another admissions consultant) take and answer a variety of law school admissions questions.

One of the answers given by my co-writer spawned some debate within the lifeat160 thread, and while there has already been a decent amount of discussion there, I thought it best to start a new thread.

The question:

Iím a rising 2L at Tulane Law. My 1L grades landed me in the top 10% (which also gets me on law review), but I have been accepted to Georgetown Law as a transfer. Should I pull the trigger? I have a $25k a year scholarship at Tulane and I landed a competitive internship this summer.

The answer:

Sorry, I donít really see why you should transfer in this situation. The shrinking availability of big-firm jobs has caused a number of law students (including you!) to consider transferring when it probably isnít in their best interest. Look, you are still in position to land one of the coveted big-firm jobs Ė probably in a better position than if you transferred to Georgetown. Every big-firm coming to Tulaneís OCI program will be looking to recruit students just like you. Why pay full price at Georgetown when you can get the same jobs at discount? Transferring would be a mistake.

I agree with the answer (although I may quibble with the "probably in a better position than if you transferred" line).  What do you think?

Make the following assumptions/considerations:

Student wants a big firm job in any market.
Student has a 40% chance of being published as a member of law review.

Law School Admissions / U of Illinois Scandal - Interesting Quote
« on: June 26, 2009, 11:50:51 AM »
I wanted to give you a brief update on where the incoming class stands. Our initial seat deposit deadline was this past Friday. I will send you a much more official and detailed breakdown once we are a little farther along. We received 175 deposits. The current numbers are 168/166/161 and 3.68/3.46/3.15. All improvements over last year except the 25th LSAT. The class is currently 42% female, 9.71% African American and 11.43% Latino. We have at least 10-15 spots to fill and we have a waitlist of over 500 people right now.

A few of those spots will be filled with SI admits [redacted] but the rest give us some flexibility. I plan on going after some of the top women on the waitlist (who have both numbers above the medians). After that I will go after women with high GPAís and decent LSATís (164-162). I feel confident that we can have a class of 185 with a 168/166/162 and 3.75/3.50/3.15 with 44% women, 9% African American and 11% Latino. We also managed to spend about $300,000 less in scholarship than last year.

For the record, I have spoken with adcoms who do not seem to have such a numeric view on law school admissions.

Incoming 1Ls / Two Years Later - Real Life Law Students
« on: June 11, 2009, 11:37:45 AM »
I went to a tiny liberal arts school and 60% of my graduating class went on to grad school.  Our polisci program sent seven students to law school (that I am aware of):

Student 1

Stats: ~4.0 / ~172
Law school: Harvard
Law school grades: "Good"
1L summer: 1/2 US Attorney's office, 1/2 abroad with relatively prestigious non-profit group
2L summer: 1/2 V10, 1/2 V50 - both NYC
Future plans: Hates firm life, clerk+gov/prof

Student 2

Stats: ~3.9 / 164, URM
Law school: Chicago
Law school grades: "not a great 1L, improving"
1L summer: 1/2 State Supreme Court intern, 1/2 lesser federal district intern
2L summer: Full summer at regional market paying firm with insurance/construction group - in Houston/Dallas
Future plans: Will accept offer if given, seems slightly bitter about firm prestige, but otherwise enjoys working within the firm environment - not particularly interested in interviewing "ever again"

Student 3

Stats: ~3.7 / 168
Law School: UTex
Law school grades: "median"
1L summer: Legal aid nonprofit
2L summer: 1/2 Small firm for "like $12 an hour", 1/2 at different legal aid nonprofit
Future plans: Wants market, will be mass mailing again soon

Student 4

Stats: ~3.8 / 162
Law school: Notre Dame
Law school grades: "Pretty good"
1L summer: 1/2 DOJ internship, 1/2 RA + summer class
2L summer: V100, litigation group in Houston/Dallas
Future plans: Mostly happy with firm, will return with an offer - will attempt to clerk

Student 5

Stats: ~3.6 / 169
Law school: Tulane
Law school grades: "Good"
1L summer: US Attorney's office
2L summer: Regional market paying firm, litigation group - Houston/Dallas
Future plans: Will return with an offer

Student 6

Stats: ~3.5 / 164
Law school: Tulane
Law school grades: Median
1L summer: Somewhere between small and medium sized firm, litigation group - Dallas
2L summer: Same
Future plans: Will return with an offer

Student 7

Stats: ~3.2 / 158
Law school: Texas Tech
Law school grades: "fine"
1L summer: Part time at a local firm, class
2L summer: Intern at small town prosecutor's office
Future plans: DA/PD

I'm not, but sometimes often wish I was.

Matthies, you graduated right?

Party Law School Rankings Released

So I added the feed to my google homepage yesterday and this just popped up...  (pseudo-spam btw)

"At least one law school full of weed"

Article here:

So...which school is it?  I think I can eliminate Tulane.

Incoming 1Ls / Passing along an opportunity...
« on: April 10, 2009, 10:15:58 AM »
SubtleDig is looking for future t14 students who want writing exposure and cash.

Choosing the Right Law School / LSU (free) v. Tulane ($20k)
« on: April 07, 2009, 09:55:38 PM »
See today's post at for more details.

Basically, for someone with connections to Louisiana but possible aspirations to practice in Texas - is Tulane worth an extra $60k?  I said no, but I'm still conflicted.

Law School Admissions / LSD Exclusive, or glorified spam.
« on: March 20, 2009, 03:04:17 PM »
Mods: PM if inappropriate.

Since everyone is spamming LSD these days, I thought it only appropriate that I join the fray.  It took a few weeks, but I finally talked everyone over at into an LSD Exclusive offer.

If you enter coupon code "lsdmarch" during checkout, you will receive 50% off the Full-Service Advice package.  This brings the full cost of an entire application cycle's worth of counseling down to $550.00.  You will not find a better deal elsewhere.  You will be contacted for your LSD username after your purchase, you must have at-least one post to qualify.

For details and ordering information: see

There are only two spots left in our March class and they are both reserved for this deal.  If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected]

- botbot

Note: Clicking the google banners from LSD will not automatically enter the coupon code, it must be done manually.

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