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Choosing the Right Law School / Wow it's been a whileeeeee
« on: December 01, 2007, 06:06:33 AM »
I haven't been back to this site in about 8 months.  :D It's funny to look at all the panic and to remember the days when I too was a part...

Just dropping in to say GO TO CORNELL!!!!!!! ;D

And if anyone I knew is around, hello! My year off is amazing, and you better fork over your outlines for me next year  ;)


Future Cornellian

Many schools give out merit-based and need-based financial aid. One common stipulation is that the award is contingent upon your financial situation remaining the same.

My question is - should we even bother trying to make money before law school? I feel like if I take it easy and make 2k or work my ass off and make 6k, neither will really dent my debt. And, I feel like the schools will just lower my need-based award if I end up making a decent amount.

Is it even worth it to work??  ???

Incoming 1Ls / Cornell Law Class of 2010 (or 2011)!!!
« on: April 15, 2007, 12:18:56 PM »
So I decided we needed one of these.

Go Big Red!

Facebook group for us (thanks Gracefulee!!): Cornell Law 2010

Definitely In:

SugarJ (2011)
Literati DC
Apollo Creed
Don Corleone

Sent in Deposit... Pretty sure:

Hakuna Matata
Above & beyond
Lorelai Gilmore

I am!! I figured we can make a thread of who is going so we know who to look out for! I'm arriving tomorrow afternoon and leaving Saturday morning. Anyone else?  8)

My bro's an undergrad, and when I was an UG I never even THOUGHT of negotiating scholarships. Now I'm prepared to do it for law school. Should I tell my brother to as well? Does it work for UG - did anyone try back in the day?

Thanks guys

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / ...Cornell Review :)...
« on: March 11, 2007, 01:10:07 PM »
So I just got back from the ASW. I really, really liked Cornell  :D- and I'm 99.9% going there. I didn't take pictures, sorry! I'll discuss the good and bad in detail:


So the campus is really nice... my undergrad is breathtaking, so I think Cornell's campus is inferior. Maybe that's because I visited in March rather than fall/spring and one of the bridges over a gorge was closed off due to construction. All in all - a very pretty campus. The law building is closest to collegetown - so you might have not a need to venture too far into campus.


It's not that cold! I was there during one of the coldest nights, and it really was no colder than Boston or any other "cold" city. It was sunny on Friday (which I'm told is unusual) which is the real downer - notsomuch the temperature, but the gray, cloudy skies from the lake. I went out at night both nights, and I was not cold at all. You wear a jacket and a scarf, you survive.  ;D

Collegetown/ Surrounding area:

Cute little town, lots of bars, good places to eat. If you'll die being away from a big city, Cornell is not for you. However I think it would be a nice place to spend three years before living in a city for the rest of my life. The campus is really hilly though  :-\ I'm told there are great wineries nearby, and in the warm months you can hike, bike, go to wineries, lay out on the slope, etc. There's a free bus that goes to NYC each weekend if you need to regain your sanity.

Law students:

Everyone I met was realllllllllllllly nice! After we watched a class, the girl next to me turned to me and asked me how I liked Cornell, if I had questions, and gave me her email. So did a few other people! Everyone seemed busy but friendly - and they were busy doing a million extracurriculars like law review, LII, Cornell Law Student Association, etc. They all worked hard - but definitely had a life as well. I went out with my undergrad friend at night, and met lots of 1L's at the bar who say there is definitely time for a social life. Everyone kept reinforcing that 1st semester 1L < 2nd semester 1L < 2L < 3L. They say 3L is awesome. A lot of the students were from NY city and the suburbs (myself included) and planned to work in NYC after. There's always activities going on for students - bar tabs, bowling, fall and spring dances, events with the other grad students, big concerts, etc.


Everyone gets a job. If you almost fail, you'll still get a job. You can go anywhere with a Cornell degree, though most head for NYC.

Study Abroad:

You can go abroad a semester! To anywhere! Leave Ithaca behind! So if you're worried about small town/ the cold, then get a job in a city during your summers and go to Paris for a semester.


We met some admissions people (Henry Granison, Associate Director of Admissions, and Sarah Levy, assistant director of admissions) - they were great. They played with us all day, out at dinner, and the next day during the tour  :D. All the Cornell students say the professors are amazing and accessible. As we were told, in big cities, the professors LEAVE at the end of the day and disappear into the city's millions. At Cornell, they're there alllllll the time. It's Ithaca. They take you out to dinner, bring your to their house, etc. The professor of the class we sat in on was really funny. In an old person -not funny intentionally - kind of way.


BEAUTIFUL!!!! They have a lottaaaaaaa books, though everything is online. You can reserve your little desk in the library for the year/semester or you can find your own. The food on campus is damnnn good. Hughes (dorm for 45 1L's connected to the law school, currently being converted into offices but still available for dorming) is not for everyone. There's a kitchen downstairs and a dining hall attached. I've heard there's a cleaning service for the suites (... but there weren't any suites  ???). Some say it's great because you wear pajamas to class, others say it's hell because you're with crazy 1L's every minute of every day. There's also grad student housing (with like business kids, etc.) that some recommend. Most live in collegetown or a short drive away in a house with a hottub on the lake :-*


They're hard, but you manage. You can take 12 credits outside of the law school. People do languages, business classes, etc. The classrooms have updated technology and are quite aesthetically pleasing. I was told you do 2 hours of work per class first semester 1L, then you figure out what you're doing and do 1 hour per class second semester. Then 2L is less class-work but you're on a journal, and then 3L you laze around and do what you want  ;D

All in all - I thought Cornell was great.  :-* It seems like a very friendly, accessible, small, intense-yet-friendly institution. They also give out lotta dollas in need-based, so that is good for some. I feel like at the end of 3 years I will have received an unparalleled education that actually prepared me for my future. And had some fun along the way.  ;D

Post/PM me with Q's.

In High School, I thought going to a really good college would get me away from stupid people. Wrong.

In college, I assumed that in law school, I would finally be away from stupid people. Wrong.

In law school, I know I'll be thinking that in my job, I won't be surrounded by stupid people. Prediction: Wrong.

Why are stupid people everywhere?  >:(

Law School Admissions / Duke.... Duke.... Where are you.....
« on: March 03, 2007, 11:26:48 AM »
Don't want to be pushy, darling... but you're keeping me waiting  ::) You didn't even to say you'd be late...

Anyone else waiting for a peep since going complete back in the day?

Financial Aid / AHH CSS/Profile due tomorrow for GW - any other schools?
« on: February 28, 2007, 12:55:42 PM »
Anddddddd I just realized it's the 28th of Feb, and tomorrow the CSS/Profile is due for GW.

What other schools require the profile? I procrastinated filling out this stupid form... and the time is now

I'm interested in social life, faculty, the collegetown, the other students, competitiveness, QOL...

I'll start.

It's prettttttttyyyyyyyyyy  :-*

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