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Transferring / Admitted to Appalachian but I want to go to Uconn
« on: February 07, 2013, 03:48:01 PM »
Average GPA(2.86) and horrible Lsat (145) :-[ has forced me to consider attending a TTTT with hopes of transferring to Uconn Law. Has anyone attending a TTTT and actually transfered to a TT school?

I am not retaking the LSAT and so far I've been admitted to Appalachian, denied at Cardozo, Quinnipiac, and wait-listed in New England law. The way my cycle has been going I do not see my self attending a TT. Most likely I can get into a TTT but with no scholly so I am thinking TTTT for scholly reasons and then transfer to TT.

All input is helpful.


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