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Financial Aid / high EFC, am I screwed?
« on: January 28, 2007, 05:00:07 PM »
It has been some time since I was in school, so I dont understand this aid crap at all.

I just did the FAFSA, and ended up with a EFC of like $21,000.

First of all, how can they tell me what I can contribute next year by what I made last year?  I will make 0 next year, which means I can contribute 0.  I may make a decent living, but I have barely a discretionary cent to my name.

I read something on the FAFSA site (although it is extremely confusing) that a financial aid officer can change your EFC.  Can your school get your EFC appealed by saying you are unemployed?

I just dont understand this stuff at all, and now I am totally depressed, because if I cant get loans and aid, I cant go to school.  Maybe I just wasted $1,000 on LSAT/applications.....  :'(

Choosing the Right Law School / Kansas vs. UMKC in Kansas City
« on: January 12, 2007, 05:53:23 PM »
So, obviously Kansas is ranked higher than UMKC, but on paper both appear to place about equally well in Kansas City, at least according to Nalpdirectory, as they have nearly (if not totally) identical recruiters in KC.

I have already been accepted to UMKC, but was considering shooting an app to Kansas as well, I have just under a 50/50 shot per LSAC.

The thing is, in Missouri I can get residence after a year, in Kansas no, so I am looking at a much more expensive route through Kansas to seemingly get the same results in Kansas City.  I am going on the assumption of living in Kansas City period, since once I decide where to move I am going to stay there since I am married and will be buying property etc.  How the degree travels is not an issue.

OK, so my question is to anyone that actually has some information about how these compare to each other in KC particulary.  Is it worth it to send an app or should I just stick with UMKC?  PLease no elitist trolls that are going to say take the higher ranked one regardless.  Just because it is higher ranked is not a valid reason, not to me.


under each of my original reports it just says "score", but no date, paper/electronic, or other field is filled in.

Wondering if anyone knows if it is mailed or sent electronically, I want to know how long to wait before contacting the schools awaiting te report to make sure I am complete.


I know, I know, check lsac calculator, lsn etc...  Been there done that.

I have researched a ton of places, but don't really know where to start because I know absolutely nothing about schools outside my immediate area (other than what their websites say).  I would just appreciate some feedback from people that know alot about any schools that they feel I may have a shot at.

numbers deleted...

Everywhere I have applied thus far is t3/t4, and all of them I either know people that went there/live nearby, etc.  Now with the higher lsat I want to push the envelope a little and take some chances at getting into a higher school. 

No safties required, looking for a few reaches/high targets. 


Studying for the LSAT / help me decide if I shoudl cancel
« on: December 09, 2006, 03:38:34 PM »
Ok, so I finally took the test today since it was cancelled last week.  It all comes down to which section was experimental.  If it was sec 3, I am golden, if it was sec 1 I am screwed.  If the chips fall the way I want them, I probably got 165 at the minimum, if not, I probably scored at my first score, 156, maybe even lower.  I really do not want to have a lower score kicked out since there are some schools that I should get accepted to with my old score that I have already applied to.

Based on history, 15% of the time 1 has been exp, 3rd has been 51%.  But, Dec was 1st, and it also seems that sabbath observers had it first from searching posts.  Do you think it is rational to assume that they would have it first for all 3 different tests in dec, or do you think that sabbath and regular dec was a conincidence and the liklihood of it being first is less likely?

I hope I am not saying anything wrong since this was a nondisclosed test, but I havn't discussed any of the questions or answers or anything so I don't see any harm in asking for advice on cancelling or not.


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